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Gender, Ritual And Reality By Marla N. Powers

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We have always learned about the history and it always has to do with men. The role they had and what they contribute to the society. However, this is not only a man’s world but also a woman’s. Women’s contributions are equally important for the development of the society. Similarly, in the book assigned Oglala Women Myth, Ritual and Reality by Marla N. Powers, demonstrates the life of women from a Lakota tribe and what their gender role contributes to the tribe and to their families and religions.

Furthermore, Power tries to educate her reader about the gender and diversity of world ‘s religion through her book. The most interesting chapter from Powers’ book was the “Old Age”, chapter 6. In this chapter, she describes the roles of a …show more content…

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Gender, Ritual And Reality By Marla N. Powers
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We can see that older women were respected more than the mothers of the children. In the Oglala culture they believe the older women were wise because they knew more about life and keep the traditions alive by passing them down.

The older women pass down their wisdom to the younger female generation. Girls learn from their grandmothers practical skills such as cooking, sewing, and decorating clothes. Aside of learning practical skills, Grandmothers also teach their grandchildren about their spirit and moral responsibilities. In the book, American Indian Grandmother: Tradition and Transitions by Marjorie Schweitzer. It discusses how grandmothers were viewed and respected in the Indian culture. The respect they had towards older women was part of their culture. The main source of respect is formed by teaching children to respect the elders. According to Schweitzer “Traditional cultural values teach children an attitude of respect towards the elders” (Schweitzer). The tradition of respect has been kept alive by teaching children and generations respect. In the comparison to the Oglala culture, they also believe older women are highly respected. Respect is vital but when it came to younger women, the respect the tribe had towards grandmothers, is not the same for the mother of the children. In the Oglala culture, grandmothers aside from teaching the girls practical skills, they also had the responsibility of protecting the young girls. They were the .

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