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Gene Transcription Regulated by Proteins

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3: Prokaryotic cells they can rapidly transcribe certain genes and synthesize many nutrientdigesting enzyme molecules when nutrients happen to be moving past and they can restrict synthesis when nutrients are scarse.

4: Regulatory Proteins: come into play during transcriptions or translation or after translation5: Various components of the system have a capacity to interact with DNA and RNA or Gene products6: Negative Control System: block the activity of their target molecule and Positve Control System: One regulatory proteins inhabits transcription of a particular gene when it binds with DNA but the action of a different regulatory protein enhances that gene transcription1: When nutrents are plentiful and environmental conditions are good bacteria tend to grow and devide indefinitely2: Gene Controls promote the rapid synthsis of enzymes, roles in digestion , and other growth related activitys3: Bacteria has no nucleous there is nothing separating the DNA from the ribosomes2: Negitive Control of Transcription2: It lives in Lactose , and gloucose3: E.

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Gene Transcription Regulated by Proteins
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Coli rapidly transcribe three genes for enzyme with roles in breakdown reactions begin with lactose4: Promoter: recall is a base sequence that signal the start the start of a gene5: Operator: intervenes between a promoter and bacterial genes6: Repressor: A regulator protein that can block transcription 7: Operon: Promoter and operator service more than one gene8: When the lactose level is low a repressor binds with the operator.

Being a large mol. It overlaps the promoter so transcription is blocked9: When the concentration of lactose is high odds are greater that a lactose mol. Will bind with the repressor. Binding alters the repressors shape so it cannot bind with the operator and RNA polymers can trancribe the genes3: Positive Control of Transcription1: E.coli pays more attention to Gloucose than it does to Lactose2: Even if lactose is present the lactose operon isn’t used much unless glousose is absent4: CAP is an Activator Protein: a key player in a positive control system7: Not much AMP is available in the cell when glucose is plentiful and glycolysisBibliography:

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