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General Knowledge

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• from Defence Minister A.K. Antony.
• Centre set 2012 deadline to seal Bangladesh border.
• Pradeep Kumar elected as the new CVC.
• TN chief minister reshuffled her cabinet.
• RBI allowed fresh loans to finance FCCBs.
• MPs and MLAs quit en masse in Andhra Pradesh.
• 25 more Telangana legislators resigned.
• Noted filmmaker Mani Kaul passed away.
• Mayookha Johny won 1st Gold for India at the Asian Athletics Championship.
• Cho-Lhamu lake in Sikkim declared highest lake in the country.
• VS Hegde appointed Antrix Corporation Chief.
• More than 30 dead and more 240 hurt as Kalak Mail derailed.

• Rs1543 crore deficit budget presented for Assam for 2011-12.
• Bharti, IBM inked 10 year deal for Africa.
• Serial blasts in Mumbai left 21 dead.
• Pradeep Kumar sworn in new CVC.
• PSLV-C17 put GSAT-12 inot orbit.
• Government lifted wheat export ban.
• Ambika Pande became the first Indian to win the Canadian U-18 ITF Jr world ranking championship.
• Pacts singed for Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.
• RS Gujral Appointed as the new finance secretary.
• Himachal inked $95.16 mn loan agreement with ADB.

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General Knowledge
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• Prahaar missile flight-tested successfully.
• Cabinet cleared $7.2 bn RIL-BP deal.
• India, Bangladesh revived border ‘haat’.
• President Patil began her two-nation tour to Korea and Mongolia.
• SC approved national-level medical exam.
• India inked tax treaty with Lithuania.
• Neelima Mishra and Harish Hande won Ramon Megsaysay Award 2011.
• Union Cabinet approved draft of Lokpal Bill.
• Dinesh Trivedi and Salman Khursheed are the new Union Railway Minister and Law Minister respectively.
• The insurgent organization which recently declared unilateral, indefinite ceasefire is ULFA.
• june
• India is setting up a special facility known as Gamma Ray Telescope in Hanle (Leh) which will help in unraveling the mysteries of normal and dark matter in the universe.
• India’s Chetan Anand defeated Chiang Jiann of Malaysia to clinch the.

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