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Georg came from a Protestant family - Georg Ohm Research Paper Essay introduction. His father who was a locksmith Johann Wolfgang Ohm, and his mother who is Maria Elizabeth Beck, was the daughter of a tailor. Even though his parents had not been really educated at the time, Ohm’s father was a very wise man who had educated himself and his son Georg. In my research I found out that he wrote an elementary grade geometry book while teaching mathematics at several schools. Ohm began experimental work in a school physics lab after he had learned of the discovery of electromagnetism. Ohm gave a mathematical description of conduction in circuits modeled on Fourier’s study of heat conduction.

Ohm’s well understanding of results from the experimental evidence and, he was able to suggest laws which really helped explain results of others working on galvanic electricity. Ohm’s Law – Using the results of his experiments, Georg Ohm was able to define the basic relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. The equation I = V/R is known as “Ohm’s Law”. It states that the amount of steady current through a material is directly proportional to the voltage across the material divided by the electrical resistance of the material.

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The ohm (R), a unit of electrical resistance, is equal to that of a conductor in which a current (I) of one amp is produced by a potential of one volt (V) across its terminals. These fundamental relationships represent the true beginning of electrical circuit analysis. Current flows in an electric circuit in accordance with several definite laws. The basic law of current flow is Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law states that the amount of current flowing in a circuit made up of only resistors is related to the voltage on the circuit and the total resistance of the circuit.

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