Gerremarc Ysalina Cayhao

Is the passing of RH Bill a solution to the fast growing population of the country? - Gerremarc Ysalina Cayhao introduction?? Give your opinion. The intellect of the wise believed that RH Bill is the best solution to the fast growing population, According to them that: “The most important thing is not the life… , but to have a good life. ” This words of wisdom occured from many years of seeking for the best solution of fast growing population, and that dream was put to an end when the bill was signed by legeslatives and passed through the debates of law makers and it becames a law.

Now, RH Bill is not RH Bill anymore it is an absolute form of law, a law that implemented as barrier of man’s fast growing population. RH Law taught people to use contraceptives like, condoms, IUDS, ligetions, pills and others. It’s not only educating people to use these contraceptions, but as well as implementing this as natural and moral part of human sexual issues. RH Law also aimed to change the conservative minds of others, from thinking that by using contraceptives is inhuman and evil works.

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Why it becames law? , a good answer is “because the law is moral and whatever immoral bill or doings that becames law is countable already as moral. In short, the government turned the RH Bill into the law, to claim that they governed the people into the form of morality. Finally, since that RH Bill was approved by our law makers whom had the higher intellectual superiority than us, For me, a big YES for RH Law.

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