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Gestalt Psychology Principles

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Aging and the sense of smell, basically what I have learned that when aging your perception of things diminish like the sense of smell. One person might smell gasoline but another one may not smell it, which can be harmful to the person who can’t smell. This person that could not smell the gas has the potential of being injured or even killed because they aren’t aware of the smell. The Gestalt principles of similarity, proximity, continuity, and common fate.

These “laws” suggest how our brains prefer to group stimulus elements together to form a percept.

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Gestalt Psychology Principles
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Gestalt is a German word that translates to “whole”. Psychologists who believe in the Gestalt Theory believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To better interpret a stimuli or a scene, we attempt to organize the information into certain groups. This principle of grouping includes four types: Similarity, Proximity, Continuity, and Closure. In these groupings Similarity is the tendency to group similar objects together in our perceptions.

Proximity is the tendency to group objects together when they are near each other.

Continuity is the preference towards perceptions of unconnected and continuous figures as opposed to disconnected and disjointed ones. Closure is the tendency of our mind to perceive incomplete shapes as whole figures. Example of Gestalt can be Blinking lights creating the illusion of motion. We perceive a square as 1 shape instead of 4 lines. When you hear a familiar song, your brain does not focus on individual notes, but instead on the melody, which is your perception of the overall pattern of notes Joshua, 2012). Http://cyclopedias. Wiseacres. Com/Gestalt+Laws+of+Perceptual+Grouping STEREOTYPE SUSCEPTIBILITY

Stereotypes can be a powerful means of affecting the outlook of people we perceive in some cases it can be good or it can be good. This article gives an example of an Asian American woman it states that she could possess two identities that could be associated with different types of stereotypes. Example of it she possesses superior quantitative skills or even poor skills. With this study they are beginning to explore a broad range of racial and ethnic identities, and across the life span.

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