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The architects have put the final touches on the arena plans, and the groundbreaking has been scheduled for March 18 - Get Your Shovel Ready! Essay introduction. Put the date on your calendar and plan to be a part of this exciting time. The groundbreaking ceremony will begin at 5:00 at the new arena site. After the ceremony, you will join the architects in the practice facility for refreshments and an exciting visual representation of the new arena. The party ends when we all join the Western Cougars as they take on the Central Lions for the final conference game.

Cornerstone Club Named Robbie Holiday of the Cougars Club submitted the winning name for the new premium seating and club area of the new arena. Thanks to all of you who submitted suggestion for naming the new club. For his suggestion, this was selected from over 300 names submitted; Robbie has won season tickets for next year and the opportunity to make his seat selection first. The Cornerstone Club was selected because members of our premium club play a crucial role in making our new arena a reality.

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Without the financial support of this group, we could not lay the first cornerstone of the arena. Cornerstone club members have first priority in selecting their seats in both basketball and hockey in a specially designated section of the new arena. This section provides outstanding seats for both basketball and hockey matches. Club members also have access to the Cornerstone Club before the game, during half time, and after the game. They also receive a parking pass for the lot immediately adjacent to the arena.

If you would like more information about the Cornerstone Club and how to you can become a charter member, call the Cougars Club office during regular business hours. What View Would You Like? Most of us would like to seat in our seat and try them out before we select them rather than look at a diagram of the seating in the new arena. Former Cougar players make it easy for you to select the perfect angle to watch the ball go in the basket.

Mark Mckay and Jeff Dunlap, using their parental Real View Visualization Software, make it possible for you to experience the exact view you will have from the seat you select. In fact, they encourage you to try several different views. Most of the early testers of the new seat selection software reported that they came in with their minds completely made up about the best seats in the house. However, after experiencing several different views with their Real View Software, they change their original seat location request.

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