Getting started in an education career

Getting started in an education career

In the summary, an introduction to the title is given in brief stating the main purpose of the research and the main points that will be covered in the research.

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Purpose of research (reason for research)
Ø  To know the role of the teacher

Ø  To get prepared before approaching students

Ø  To know how to coach and recruit students

Ø  To learn how to motivate students

Research Methodologies

Ø  Interviews

Ø  Questionnaires

Ø  Internet sources

Ø  Literature review

Ø  Text book sources

Ø  Library sources

This is a section where you are supposed to discuss the main points that give your expectations on what will happen during the research.

List of references
Give a list of references that relates to the topic in discussion.


Lodico, M.G., Spaulding, D.T. & Voegtle, K.H. (2010). Methods in Educational Research: From Theory to Practice. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons


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