Giving Is Beneficial? Essay

The famous politician, Winston Churchill, has once left an controversial saying: “We make a living by what we get - Giving Is Beneficial? Essay introduction. We make a life by what we give”. Though receiving many different opinions, this quote is now a well-known and meaningful quote. Then, it seems to be very hard to disagree with such an issue. Earning value helps us to make livings and maintain the life that we are rolling in. However, It cannot give you the happiness, which is one of the most important part of human life. Giving, on the other hand, can do that.

It is because of the fact that when a person give others something, they are likely to pay him back with other things, which can include kinds of spiritual gifts. As a result, the relationship between these people become better and they are likely to be happier. For example, a rich person donates a large amount of money to help people in one poor village; in this action, it can be easily seen that the rich person doesn’t receive his money back, it is not a business. However, what he gets back is the love of the villagers, which makes him happy. Apart from getting back happiness, making the society better is another advantage of giving.

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Giving Is Beneficial?
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With all people, it comes the time when they can’t work, can’t earn their living themselves and help to depend on others – the time when they get old or sick. In such the time, people help each other and provide for other living; this is what makes the humanitarian terms in our world. An specific example for these action is the time when an family member get sick, the other members in the family will buy him pills to get over the disease or pray for him with hope to make him get over the illness faster. With people who never give out anything, their lives are likely to be boring and incomplete.

Other people don’t want to be with them because they don’t receive anything. In fact, there are no people who don’t have anything to give. Even the poorest person in the world have something to give others, he has love. As a result, we can easily figure out that the people who never give out things are selfish and mean. Together with receiving nothing, this is another reason why others want to stay away from such kind of people. Giving and receiving will always be the two parallel part in a human’s life. Receiving is essential and help people a lots. However, In maintaining a full and complete life, one should help other people

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