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Giving People a Second Chance

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  • Pages 4
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    Ernest Martinez, Giving People a Second Chance. Ernest Martinez is saying that ex- convicts should be given an equal opportunity as any other person to work. “Hispanic brethren who are ex-convicts who need employment avenues for reentry into society, we close our eyes and ears to their cry for assistance”. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to work because everyone deserves a second chance to make things right and change their lives around. Martinez makes a great point when he argues that everyone should have an equal opportunity to work.

    Employers should not discriminate against ex-felons because they have committed a crime, convicts often do change after realizing the mistakes they have made. Something negative could have influenced that persons decision at the time, they might have been engaged with the wrong people and the wrong time and got in trouble. “We can all attest to the fact that we have done something for which we have simply not been caught–for example, drinking alcoholic beverages as minors, or driving without a license, or hanging around with the wrong people and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. (Martinez) A great point Martinez also makes, “The business today is not solely based on equipment, products, or services. It’s dependent on the skills, talents and savvy of people”.

    This is a great point because without those people to operate those machines, and equipment’s there would not be a business to work. “ We are not only in an information age today; we are in an age of man, where by sales can only be made and increased through the interpersonal relationships that we create between provider and consumer, between our companies and our customers”. Show me an organization or business that does not believe people are their greatest resources and I will show you an organization with built in limits to its success, and perhaps one destined for certain failure”(Dr. Drucker). It is people who build those machines in the first place to make the job easier for man/women of today. Having to go to work every day and turn on the machines, turn the machines off at the end of the day after work, this is all done by person. This is not to be guilt driven, but rather people motivated. This is not to promote philanthropy, but to be responsible in not overlooking a pool of prospective employees that is often not considered in the equation. This is not to say that every prison inmate is right for our companies, but to instead entertain the financial and accessibility of hiring persons both men and women”. Anyone whom has been given a second chance by the law deserves a second chance from society.

    This is because there is nothing to say that a person would revert back to his past ways after he/she has served his sentence, and this is especially true for criminals who have served jail terms, as a term in jail is supposed to provide them with the opportunity to reflect on their actions and represent. They should be given a second chance to integrate back into society and to contribute more to it. I don’t disagree with employers who do not want convicts to work for them because they are afraid, there is nothing wrong with that.

    It is not the responsibility of employers to provide the convicts with a second chance; it is the convict’s responsibility. There are infinite possibilities for a second chance, but they have to go out and get it, and the way to do that is by earning it. I think people do deserve a second chance because they have realized the mistakes they have done and want to correct those mistakes, and turn their lives around. It is true that not everyone who has been given a second chance makes use of it. Some criminals abuse their second chances and continue with their criminal’s ways of life.

    As such, it is not unfounded for people to be reluctant to give criminals a new lease on life. I fully support the structure of the law. Any ex-convict who is then released back into society by the law would, in my opinion be deserving of a second chance, since they have paid for their crimes and may not be looking to repeat their mistakes again. “If they can turn their lives from the dungeons of prisons to the epic of hope, they can also be a tremendous testimony to what is possible in the world of Hispanic business men and to society at large”. (Martinez)

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