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Glasgow 5th March

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A poem I have recently read and enjoyed is ‘Glasgow 5th march 1971’ by Edwin Morgan. It is about a young couple who have been pushed into a jeweller’s window as two youths try to rob a shop on Sauchiehall Street late at night. Two drivers witness this crime and turn a blind eye to it and drive on like nothing happened. The poem starts with a young couple who have been pushed into a shop window. The young couple are badly injured, one of them in a potentially fatal state.

Two drivers have witnessed this incident and have turned a blind eye to it.

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Glasgow 5th March
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One enjoyable aspect of the techniques that Edwin uses and also his use of imagery. Firstly he sets the scene immediately using a metaphor ‘ragged diamond of shattered plate glass’. This has a very effective impact on the poem because it compares the sharp shards of glass to an uncut diamond that is shimmering. The reader dose not know how this has happened however we are told that ‘a young man and his girl are falling backwards into a shop window’.

This shocks and surprises me with images and makes me want to read on.

The first description we are given of the young man is that his ‘face is bristling with fragments of glass’ which suggest that the ‘young mans’ face will be scared for the rest of his life. This creates a disturbing image of his face covered with blood that is dripping from the flesh wounds caused by the ‘fragments of glass’ embedded in his skin, the word ‘bristling’ helps to create this vivid image. Morgan tells us that the girl has caught her leg, he contrasts the blood of the young lady on her white jacket, this gives the reader a sharp image.

Morgan makes it clear that the blood spurting everywhere is arterial which suggests that she could die in seconds. ‘the girls leg has caught on the broken window and spurts arterial blood over her wet look white coat’. The couple are still trying to figure what has happened as they brace themselves for impact as they come crashing to the floor. There are three stages to there pain, firstly ‘their faces show surprise’ secondly they feel ‘shock’ as they where probably not expecting to be pushed through a window, then ‘their faces show surprise, shock, and the beginning of pain’ as they sense the impact of hitting the glass.

At the start of the second stanza we discover that ‘two youths’ have pushed them through the window. At this point I feel angry that the two youths have pushed the young couple, who they don’t even know, into a shop window just so they could loot the shop. It is shocking because the young couple’s lives are in danger for some jewels. The youths are expressionless as they are only interested in robbing the shop. I feel sorry for the couple as they did not deserve what happened to them and that one of them could die and the other scared for life

Finally we meet the two drivers in the background who are not really interested in the events that are taking place in front of them even though the young couples life’s could be in danger. The drivers turn a blind eye to it and ‘keep there eyes on the road’. I am shocked by their reactions because I would have expected that they would have at least called for help as this is what I would have done. Morgan uses a lot of good techniques such as alliteration, and metaphors.

These techniques make the poem more enjoyable and help us imagine what happened. Alliteration is used several times and makes the words stand out ‘wet-look white coat’. Morgan uses metaphors to give us a mental picture of what happened ‘their arms are star fished out’ tells us their arms are spread out like a starfish. In conclusion I thought the poem was very good. I felt sorry for the couple that were injured as they did not deserve what happened to them. As for the two youths I felt angry because they got away with the crime they had committed.

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Glasgow 5th March. (2017, Feb 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/glasgow-5th-march/

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