Glenn Lord: 80 Years Young Essay

Yesterday, a group of Glenn’s family and friends gathered at the Monument Inn in La Porte, Texas - Glenn Lord: 80 Years Young Essay introduction. The restaurant faces the Houston Ship Channel and is adjacent to the historic San Jacinto Battlefield where Sam Houston and his men defeated Santa Anna and won independence for Texas.

Of course, Glenn and his bride Lou Ann were there, as were his two children and a number of his grandchildren. Besides me, Barbara Barrett, Rusty Burke, Paul Herman, Dennis McHaney, Todd Woods and Dave Hardy, along with his wife and daughter, made up the Howard fandom contingent. Altogether 18 people were in attendance and enjoyed a fine meal, topped off with birthday cake and an ear-splitting rendition of the Happy Birthday Song. Needless to say, everyone had a fine time honoring the World’s Number One Howard Fan on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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Also, Paul Herman announced the next book coming from the REH Foundation Press will be a collection of all of Howard’s Science Fiction stories with a color cover by Mark Schultz and an introduction by former REHupan and author Mike Stackpole.

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