Global Warming Essay - Part 21

Global Warming

Global warming is a very serious phenomenon that has left everyone in the world shaken and thinking what could be done to reduce its effect on the earth - Global Warming Essay introduction. Scientist and environmentalist have been working around the clock to ensure that global warming stop since is has endangered all living things and the environment at large.

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Global warming is the wearing out of the ozone layer that protects direct sun rays to the earth. It is caused by carbon dioxide gas and other gases such as methane that get trapped on the ozone layer. This in turn affects the work of the ozone layer as they make it to wear out thereby causing global warming as sun rays are not reduced that end up heating the earth surface directly and then radiated back to the atmosphere thereby increasing the earth’s temperature.

According to New York Times, they stated that a report that was published by Scientific Panel that works under United Nation indicated that human beings were the one that were bring about global warming in the world. This is as a result of their irresponsible activity on the earth such as burning of forest, emitting harmful gas to the environment that increases the average earth’s temperature. The report also indicated that the earth’s temperature increased by one degree Fahrenheit as compared to the earth’s temperature in 1900.

The business community has been calling upon the federal government to put down enough regulations that would address the green house effect issues. According to the article, it indicate that the Supreme Court had even made its ruling on global warming by stating that environmental Protection Agency was yet to justify its position that they are not authorized to ensure carbon dioxide is not emitted unnecessary to the environment.

The industries are also emitting a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and this has continued to increase carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere thereby increasing global warming effects.

The New York Times (2007): Science: Global Warming, Retrieved from, on April 9, 2007


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