Global Warming: a Natural Phenomenon

The global warming subject has been a heated debate for the past few decades. Some scientists are saying this is a completely man made problem. There are two clear sides to this subject and both have evidence, but the evidence is stronger on that global warming is just Mother Nature at work. The government has poured hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars into research for manmade global warming. The theory is that humans are causing the “greenhouse effect” and putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

There is clear evidence to prove otherwise and that the carbon dioxide emissions have a much smaller affect than the scientists, government, and media make you believe. Manmade global warming is not occurring. Global warming is a natural occurring process that the earth goes through over the years. The earth has been heating and cooling for hundreds of thousands of years and it’s a natural climate change. The Pleistocene Ice Age occurred 18,000 years ago and put most of the earth under a sheet of ice (Hieb). Ever since then the earth has gone through seven major warming and cooling trends.

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Of the six trends preceding the current period of warming, three produced temperatures warmer than the average 59?F today and three have produced cooler temperatures. In 1650, the temperature of the earth plummeted to a low 57?F, the coldest point since the ice age. This is why from 1650 to 1850 is known as the Little Ice Age. Our global warming of 1. 5?F since 1850 is simply a recovery of the Little Ice Age. Even the United Nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that, “some of the global warming could be a recovery from the Little Ice Age rather than a direct result of human activity” (Brogan).

The two periods in history when the planet was significantly warmer than today were followed by bountiful harvests and economic prosperity. Between 6500 B. C. and 3500 B. C. , the temperature rose to 62°F, which is three degrees warmer than today. This is the temperature that greenhouse theory scientists say will be the temperature by 2100 and which will supposedly wreak havoc on the environment. However, it was during this time that the Agricultural Revolution began, laying the foundation for civilization. Between 900 A. D. and 1100 A. D. when the temperature rose to 61°F, Europe experienced record harvests and economic prosperity (Brogan). These changes are caused by a constant fluctuation in the earth’s climate. The earth’s warming can all be explained by the sun’s activity. The most recent global warming scare was from 1850 to 1940. This time of warming was obviously not created by human’s emissions of carbon dioxide (Wigmore). The earth absorbs solar radiation and heat from the sun. This process is something that we cannot control. There are many other things that are causing the earth to warm that are also out of our control.

Several processes and things on earth release carbon dioxide into the air and cause warming. Like said before the earth absorbs solar radiation and heat and rises the temperature on the surface of the earth. Processes that release carbon dioxide into the air include volcanic eruptions, decaying of plants and animals, and even us simply breathing. Humans and animals release carbon dioxide from breathing. Humans do put carbon dioxide into the air through running cars and factories, but the emissions are minimal compared to the other things that cause this.

The release of carbon dioxide into the air cause something called the “greenhouse effect” which environmentalists say is ruining our atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is one of the most important things that our earth entails. It keeps the earth warm and without it the earth would be about 10?F. The basic idea of it is that the sun hits the earth and warms the earth. The warm earth then emits infrared radiation to cool itself. The radiation is absorbed by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It’s simple; the cooling earth warms the atmosphere, which then radiates some of that heat back down to earth.

The greenhouse effect is not the debated subject; the debate is that carbon dioxide is or is not warming the earth. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It does not affect the temperature of the earth; the sun does. Al Gore with his “Inconvenient Truth” and other environmentalists make people believe that carbon dioxide is warming the earth, but they have no evidence behind it. Al Gore’s whole movie was based on a core sample taken in Antarctica which he said had correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature.

Scientists have proved him wrong and said a correlation doesn’t mean causation (Pennington). They do not have sufficient enough evidence that carbon dioxide is causing warmth, but there is evidence proving that the warming is just a natural occurrence and has been happening for millions of years. Global warming is a very large and complicated topic. I tried to make it as simple as I could and now that we know what it is I can present my problem with it. The government is pouring millions and maybe even billions of dollars into research for global warming.

Guess where that money is coming from? Our tax payer money is being spent on just this theory. The earth is warming and some people feel that it is our fault, when really we can’t do much to avoid it. The government is spending money pay people to research it and use computer models to try to predict it. Computer models are unreliable. The most reliable is the data of the climate changes and temperatures from the past. These pieces of data disprove Al Gore and his bandwagon of people pushing this theory. This does not mean I am against renewable and alternative ways of energy.

I think it is great and it is going to save us money. Our hybrid cars are awesome; they cut down on the amount of fuel needed for a car. This in turn requires a lot less money to run and operate your car. In the long run all of these things will reduce cost of heating your home, running your car, supplying electricity, and many other things. Alternative and renewable energy are great technologies and maybe we could put a lot of our money into that rather than the research of what global warming is doing.

The hard working Americans’ tax dues produce billions of dollars for the government each year. A lot of this money is put to good use, such as using it to protect our freedom by funding our strong military. Although a lot of this money is put to good cause, some is not used as intelligently. We cannot stop the earth from warming, using renewable energy does a little but the other factors are far too great for us to fix. We could use the millions of dollars that we use each year on useless computer models to try to predict global warming on something far more important and sensible.

We could use the money to give us a better chance of curing cancer or other deadly diseases. Manmade global warming is simply a theory that has been blown up by the government and media and is in fact not that real. They do not have enough evidence to back up what they are presenting. Therefore, I believe the tax payer money could be spent on far bigger problems rather than something that has been naturally occurring for hundreds of thousands of years. Manmade global warming is easily one of the top discussed topics today and has been for a couple decades.

It is a very touchy subject and has numerous people on either side. The government spends unnecessary amounts of money into this simple theory that is nowhere to be proven. As you can tell from the facts above that it is doubtful what the environmentalists are saying is true. Human emissions of carbon dioxide have minimal effect on the over emissions of carbon dioxide years. There is not even hard evidence proving that carbon dioxide even has anything to do with temperature of the earth. It is simple the earth is warming, but it is not such a bad thing.

Mother Nature is not steady and fluctuates frequently; which is proven by past data trends. Environmentalists computer models that say the world will be a disaster in a hundred years are unreliable. The average hard working American pays thousands of dollars in taxes each year. This money should be used wisely by the government on something that makes sense and not on an un-proven theory.

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