Global Warming and Its Effect on Our Planet

Nowadays, Global warming is an incontrovertible fact, which proves that our planet and its climate are in trouble. Well global warming is a term that denotes a slow warming of the earth’s regular temperature. It was also named exclusively man-made effects, in particular carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has largely increased during the past forty years, and scientists concluded that the average earth temperature has increased solely based on man-made activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, respiration of living organisms, cultivation of land, decay of dead organisms and deforestation.

The study of global warming involves many sciences in order to examine the causes of global warming and try to find possible solutions to reduce the impact of our society on the planet. (tropicalweather. net, December 10, 2008) In other research vice president Albert Gore (21st century) said that “Global warming will be the greatest environmental challenge in the 21st century. ” – Global warming affects the earth in many ways, rising sea level, glacier retreat, arctic reduction and malformed patterns of agriculture.

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Statistics show us that in the past few years global warming effects, are increasing dramatically and it will also be more dramatic in the future. According to tsunami in Asia, ice melting and its effects on polar bears (bill MOULAND, 2007) and Venice, Italy is beginning to have some trouble with the rising sea level, hurricanes and tornados. All those effects are due to the increase in the atmosphere weather caused by global warming. “Is global warming causing severe weather? ” to answer this question we have to look closely to the natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados.

In recent times, hurricanes are becoming a great problem for many coastal villages and towns around the world. Scientists explain that hurricanes are caused by the evaporated water from sea level. According to Avery: “the computerized global climate models predict we’ll get more and bigger storms as the planet warm” which results severe weather situations. Avery explains that high temperature in the air is the fuel that leads to violent weather conditions and disasters are happening with greater power and regularity around the earth (Avery, n. d).

Therefore, it is obvious that this fuel in the atmosphere is the consequence of human actions (fuels and other toxin) which lead to the heated atmosphere and hurricanes. Yet, there is an opposite view supposing that “the present hurricane surge is part of a 60 to 70-year cycle linked to natural effects” (Briggs, 2005), and has nothing to do with heated weather conditions. Unfortunately, no one can reject the fact that thousands of tons of mercury, guide, and other weighty metals are placed into the water and appear each year in the form of liquids and gases, which cause the sea temperature augment.

Heavy metals, like pesticides, are long lasting and can extend over large areas. Algae and fish are vanished and natural processes of adsorption stops. These changes in biosphere resulted in global warming. Tornados are another trouble caused by heated water, this fact was known that tornados are caused by temperature increase and storm chasing. He showed this fact saying that “the escalation in extreme weather conditions over the past two decades has led to an increase in the frequency and intensity of storm conditions” (carter, 2005).

Some scientists describe tornados and storms as a result of changing weather conditions neglecting the influence of global warming on this procedure. They say: “when we look at the Mozambique floods, at the storms that hit France, at the absence of winters in Britain over the past few years, at the avalanches in the Alps, we are witnessing events that are now clearly ruined by human actions” (carter, 2005). The question is “why changing weather conditions occur? ” following carter, it is possible to say that these changes occur because of global warming.

And others claim that these tornados don’t have to appear because of global warming. Since, 100 years ago we suffered from extreme weather occurred before humans filling-up the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Therefore, these storms could be the cause of natural forces not global warming. To conclude, probably the majority of scientists have the same opinion about global warming and “greenhouse effect” that they are the main reason, why we suffer from hurricanes, tornados and storms, and as predicted, we will suffer to a great extent if we do not take pain to reduce pollution.

And it will also affect the economies in the countries; it is a negative influence on the market and it will destroy homes and cause the death of thousands of people. The method of this research is interviewing Mrs. Nadia Solib an environmental researcher and mainly her research and masters were about global warming. In this interview some important questions were asked: What made you interested in the environment? and especially global warming? Seeing humans destroy their own habitat made me very interested in fixing such a problem, and global warming will be our largest fear in the future.

I needed to learn more about it to stand and make a difference. What do you think of the greenhouse effect? It is composed of carbon dioxide that absorbs radiation and produces it as long wave radiation or heat. These natural and technologically generated compounds have long habitation periods. That means that they stay chemically active by captivating radiations, and it affects the earth temperature. Do you think that warming up the ocean and the air is a good thing? No, it is not a good thing. Since we are warming it too fast, it accelerates evaporation of water from surface and increases the rate of water defeat from plants.

And it also causes ice melting which increase the possibility of vanishing some polar bears which already happening , polar areas are now and will continue to be the most seriously altered ecosystems on earth by global warming. Do you think that global warming has anything to do with technology? Well for sure earth is a planet that’s aged over three decades living peacefully and naturally since 1800’s when factories, trains , automobiles …etc were created our planet started to complain about pollution and there it was the starting of our major problem that we are suffering today .

Do you think that global warming was caused by human activities? The force of human actions on the global warming is clear. Humanity caused severe weather by an amount of ways, plus pollution and drilling. People have always polluted their environment, but during much of history, pollution was not a major issue. Do you think that global warming is causing severe weather? Well of course it is causing severe weather we can see from tornados, storms and hurricanes that started to be more violent than before and made some large losses of countries this year. In your opinion how can we solve this problem?

To solve this problem we need to reduce pollution, start on recycling, and use hydrogen cars because clean hydrogen fuel is the best substitute for traditional one which is more efficient and cleaner, people polluted the atmosphere with gases and smoke, poisoned the water with chemicals and other materials. People would have to prevent using many things that benefit them. But most people do not want to do that, of course. The results of this interview are: first we knew that global warming is caused by human activities, pollution, drilling, car exhaust and polluting the ocean and sea with chemicals that decompose in water slowly.

Second she answered our main question which is “is global warming causing severe weather? ” and the answer was yes it is causing severe weather and it is obvious from what we suffer today even though from tornados, storms or hurricanes. Most air pollution results from burning processes. Whenever a fuel is burned in a combustion procedure, some kind of toxin is released into the air, and destroys ozone layer, which protects the Earth from radiation. Thus our air is heated, and weather becomes heater.

Apart from air pollution, soil fertilizers come into the water and resulted in acid rain which has turn out to be a gradually graver issue caused severe weather. This poison forms when damp in the air combines with nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide released by factories, by automobiles, and by power plants that burn oil. Another serious poison is fuel oil, which enters oceans for the most part the offshore oil wells and oil tankers. This warmed water causes disasters as tornados and hurricanes.

To defeat this problem, many companies take an enormous pain to decrease negative impact of their manufacture installing non-waste production units. In other researches, human activities do not have an impact on global warming and do not warmth the air. Although, human activities have nothing to do with global warming and the atmosphere pollution is not influence by human activities, human race should take process to cut emissions and high level of Carbone dioxide in the air they breathe in. Drilling is another reason which is directly connected with global warming.

It has been found that: “the shorter period for frozen tundra “appears consistent with findings of general warming in the Alaska Arctic associated with global climate change. ” (Nesmith, 2003). Scientists assume that subtraction of an ice core and construction of the roads in winter have a direct influence on global warming. Melting of snow resulted in temperature augment. Drilling Ice Cores has a very harmful effect on the average temperature in tundra areas. The procedure of drilling includes burning in huge, open areas producing dangerous gases when burned.

An additional problem is that, in the meantime, the drilling is growing rapidly. Arctic areas are the most eye-catching for oil companies, for the reason that they propose making oil and gas. Conversely, the process of ice removal is also a sphere of concern (Greens Call New Oil, 2005), since it ruins ecological unit of the region and resulted in warmer weather surroundings around the world. The risk drilling and its effect on global warming elevate moral questions. The mess treatment if earth is an example of a technological development that was intended to guard the environment however it can cause pollution.

Therefore, we need to solve these problems to keep our planet safe from all danger, and the solutions for this issue such as hydride technologies and recycling can be used. As a result, to end or seriously decrease pollution straight away, people would have to prevent using many things that do good to them. Pollution can be gradually decreased in quite a few ways. Scientists and engineers can make an effort to find ways to reduce the amount of pollution that such things as factories and automobiles affect.

Governments can pass and impose laws that necessitate businesses and individuals to cut down on, some polluting activities. And possibly most vitally individuals and groups of people can make an effort to sway their legislature in government, and also win over businesses, to take action toward decreasing pollution. Recycling is the reprocessing of throw away products to use it again. Many kinds of unused can be recycled. Several, together with cans and newspapers, can be used more than once for the same target. Cans can be melted down and used to make new cans.

Old newspapers can be turned into tissue and then made into incline newsprint. Other supplies, such as glass bottles and automobile tires, can be recycled for other purposes. Ground-up glass can be used as a factor in road-building equipment. Old tires can be melted down in a special procedure in which they emit valuable chemicals, such as oil and gas. A lot of communities have introduced programs that support households to type their garbage for recycling. Recycling programs can decrease the amount of solid wastes that must be burned (Bailey, 2002).

The last option is using hydrogen cars; it is more efficient and cleaner. To finally conclude global warming is yes causing severe weather condition talking about hurricanes, tornados, ice melting in tundra, and loosing polar bears is due to many factors resulted from the innovation of technology. Nowadays, global warming becomes the main catastrophe of our nation resulted in severe weather circumstances and natural disasters. For our society, it is very vital to find suitable solutions to decrease the global warming consequence and secure live on our globe.

From the information above, interdisciplinary approach must be the interior tactic in the procedure of global warming studies. Hurricanes and tornadoes are studies by environment science, but their impact on community life is strongly related with Economic science. The financial payback of drilling pact with financial science, but drilling is a privilege of geology, which is accountable to discover a secure process for an ice core drilling, and decrease its impact on global warming.

With lack of economic perspectives, we will not predict the benefits of novel and protected technologies. Some scientists assume that global warming is nothing extra than passing feed formed for profitable benefits, and it will not menace the civilization, but neither of them decline the reality of ozone holes and risen sea altitude, melting frozen snows and risen temperature, and as the most important part, hurricanes and tornadoes which caused enormous loses for several countries this year.

Abstract Global warming is a term denoting an increase in the earth body temperature, and it is possible to say that humans with their ignorance helped in growing this problem with polluting their environment with the cultivation of land, burning fossils fuels, and deforestation. Scientist studied global warming in order to decrease its impact on our civilization.

Scientists concluded that many natural disasters were caused by global warming such as hurricanes and tornados, as the planet gets warmer a dramatic increase in those natural disasters also increase. But there is an opposite view, which is hurricanes and tornados are a 60-70 year cycle linked to natural effects (Briggs, 2005) and that it has nothing to do with weather conditions. And since tornados appeared 100 years ago before humans filling-up the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

Therefore, these storms could be the cause of natural forces not global warming. In an interview with Mrs. Nadia Solib she stated that global warming is entirely man made effect and yes it is causing severe weather conditions, with polluting the environment and she gave some solutions for this problem, such as recycling, using hydrogen cars, stop polluting the air with gases and smoke and poisoning the water with chemicals and other substance.

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