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Analysis of Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare

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XdvFrom Titus Andronicus (Act II, scene I)Now at this timeclimbeth to ascend with effortTamora name of the queen of the GothsOlympus’ the mountain which was the residence of the ancient Greek godstop summitSafe to render secureoutbeyondof Indicating a situation, condition, or state, the departure or emergence fromfortune’s the good or ill that befalls manshot the action of shooting as a means of attackand as well assits to be in a position of restaloft above Secure free from dangerthunder’s the loud noise following a flash of lightningcrack disruption; breachor and lightning the flash of light that precedes thunderflash an dazzling burst of light energyAdvanced to lift; to raise (singular past)above comparatively higherpale not fresh of colour; wanenvy’s malice; spite; hatethreatening menacing, dangerousreach the extent to which an agency or power is limited As in the quality ofwhen at the time ofthe definite article, employed in general as at presentgolden resembling gold in color or brightnesssun the luminary that makes the day; the star at the center of our solar systemsalutes to greet, to make courteous notice ofmorn the first part of the day; the morninghaving endowment gilt gold laid upon a surfaceocean the great sea with being held togetherhis masculine possessive pronounbeams ray of light, emitted from the sunGallops to run throughzodiac the twelve astrological signs through which the sun passesin within glistering shining; sparklingcoach a close carriageoverlooks to view from a higher pointhighest-peering of the greatest altitudehills mountainsSo in the same degreeUpon to exist together or alongside of each other as compatible facts; to co-exist her female possessivewit marked mental faculty of any kinddoth does earthly pertaining to the earthhonour people of high reputation and renownwait to stay in expectation of virtue any good merit or accomplishmentstoops to bow; to yield; to submittrembles to quiver; to quakeat a point of place or timefrown a stern and surly lookThen at that timeAaron name of the Moor who recites this speecharm to armor; to equipthy yourheart the source of will and inclination, also the source or love and amorous desirefit to preparethoughts ideasTo motion towards action, place, or statemount to ascend imperial pertaining to an empire or emperormistress a woman who has command and governspitch height, unto a heightwhom direct object interrogativethou you, speaking to self in second persontriumph victory; conquestlong not for a shot amount of time; an extended period of timeHast haveprisoner a person confined held kept in; detainedfetter’d to be shackled; to be tied downamorous pertaining to lovechains a series of links or rings connected; a device made to restraint (metaphor)faster closely; tightlybound to be confined; to be restrainedcharming magical; bewitchingeyes the organ of sight; the window to the soul; Than indicating an object of perception separated from the subjectis singular present indicator of verb bePrometheus the demigod who stole fire from heaventied bound; restrainedCaucasus chain of mountains between Europe and AsiaAway to discard slavish slave-likeweeds clothing servile as a peasantthoughts anything conceived in the mindI pronoun of the first personwill to wish; to desirebe becomebright of splendid beautyshine to glitterpearl a white, shining body; often worn as a jewelgold the most precious metalthis indicating a thing or person just mentioned new-made restored to a previous stateempress the consort of an emperor or female sovereignsaid spoken; utteredwanton to play (suggestive)queen a female sovereign or the consort of a kinggoddess a female deitySemiramis queen of Assyria, known for her crueltynymph a goddess of the mountains, woods or waterssiren a mermaidthat indicating a thing or person presentcharm to affect with magic powerRome’s pertaining to the capital city of Italy, chief seat of power during the Holy Roman EmpireSaturnine name of the newly chosen emperorsee to perceive with the eyeshipwreck the destruction of a ship by rocks or shelvescommonweal’s commonwealth; republic; body politicWords/ Pages : 747 / 24

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