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Glow Stick Sample

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The visible radiation from a glow stick will snuff out more rapidly at higher temperatures because temperature affects the rate of the chemical reaction.


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Glow Stick Sample
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Will a glow stick snuff out more rapidly while in a higher temperature?

Purpose: To find if a freshness stick will decease out quicker in a cold temperature or a warm temperature.


-3 little jars/cups-water-3 glow sticks-3 thermometers-ice H2O-hot H2O


1. The independent variable is the temperature of the H2O in the cup which is around 25 grades Celsius.

The dependent variable is the length of clip the freshness sticks will glow. This is determined by utilizing my stop watch to mensurate the clip and a thermometer that checks the heat degree. 2. Measure out the same sum of H2O into all three cups. Label the cups: Hot. Cold. Room temp. 3. The cold H2O cup should be at 5-15 grades Celsius. The hot cup should be around 35-45 grades Celsius. The room temperature cup should be around 25 grades Celsius. 4. Pour hot H2O into a cup. pour cold H2O into a cup. and pour room temperature H2O into the other cup. Put a thermometer and cracked glow stick in each cup. 5. Get down the stop watch. besides turn the visible radiations off.

6. Record the mean clip taken for the 3 freshness sticks in each cup to halt radiance.


The observations I made were that. the glow stick in the warmer H2O glowed brighter but it besides extinguished or died off a batch faster. The glow stick in the cold H2O was non every bit bright as the stick in the hot H2O. but it did bring forth visible radiation the longest. I so learned. that my hypothesis that light from a glow stick will decease out faster while exposed at higher temperatures was right!

Results/ Analysis:Graph:

Table:Water Temp. 5°C-15°C25°C35°C-45°CGlow clip ( in proceedingss ) 2769341


One belief about glow stick is normally that if you put them into the deep-freeze they will last thirster. I tested this theory to so happen out. my hypothesis that light from a glow stick will snuff out faster at high temperatures was right. The undertaking was to find how temperature can impact the length of clip a glow stick will stay illuminated. The experiment was done by puting three glow sticks into three different temperatures while look intoing how long it would take for three sticks to melt their freshness. In the terminal. the hypothesis chiefly states that seting a glow stick into the deep-freeze will really assist keep the chemiluminescence ( glowing reaction in the glow stick ) last thirster.

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