Future Goals of My Life

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There are many ends in life that I have planned to carry through. When I was in high school the most of import end was to complete the school with a G. P. A. 3. 0 or higher so that I could acquire into esteemed colleges. I have accomplished that end. I graduated high school with a 3. 2 G. P. A. However. when I got into college people start inquiring me. “What are you be aftering to make after you finish college? ” This is one of the toughest inquiries for a college pupil. Since I have been a pupil for all my life. I would hold a difficult clip to reply the inquiry.

For every typical alumnuss would make is to happen a occupation that suits with the field that they have learnt or assist with their household concern. Peoples said that if you don’t have any thought on what you truly desire to make in your life. start with the things that involvements you. things that you enjoy making. Therefore. my ends in life are to take attention of my parents when they are old. get married the best adult male. assist the community. acquire a good occupation that makes me happy and gives me adequate money to back up my household.

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The first major end in my life is to take attention of my parents because in the Buddhist universe. learn me that to take attention of your parents is the most virtuous thing in life. Parents are the people that give birth and raise me to be a good individual in the society. therefore I have to give back what they have given me for all their lives. The 2nd end in my life would be every girls’ dream that is to get married the best adult male ( on Earth ) .

These yearss to happen the right cat is really hard thing to make because it is about impossible. From the research of 100 cats. found that at least 50 cats are cheery. 20 cats are married. 10 are in gaol. 5 became monastics. 5 are unattractive. 5 are disabled. 3 have HIV. 1 is in refuge ( 27 August 2012 ) . However. I still believe that every individual are destine to be with person. and I will happen my best adult male someday. Another end in my life is to assist others.

I believe that every people should larn how to give and take. it’s the lone manner to do this universe a better topographic point. When you make more so you should give back more. By that I mean assisting the community. I may non be able to donate dozenss of money to the people in demand but I started off with small things such as littering in proper topographic points and donate necessities to the orphanhood. And in the hereafter I would advance instruction for kids that are in demand. My last of import end is to acquire a good occupation with ood money. In this life I don’t expected to be a millionaire. I merely want a occupation that makes me happy and gives me adequate money to back up my household. The ground why I don’t want to be a millionaire is because when you make more money. money will devour more of your clip and you won’t be able to bask your felicity. I have set these ends to remind me that these are the grounds why I am here. And mundane that I live. everything that I do more or less would assist me to carry through these ends.

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