Goals Paper Essay

Goals meant different meanings to me every time I set one - Goals Paper Essay introduction. Now that I’m attending college it has a new meaning and it will remain this meaning for as long as I live. Goals to me mean an aim, and purpose of an action. So as I sit here and write this goals paper I realize that the goals I set must have a purpose and be manageable. Graduating with an bachelor’s at the age of 23 is my long-term goal. This goal is very important to me meanly because after graduating college I plan on going in as a officer in the U. S Navy.

I also have a intermediate goal, that goal is me learning how to study and I plan to practice that goal for 30 minutes a day until I become successful with it. With having a long-term goal and a intermediate goal i must have a short term goal. Becoming a member at Carter Tabernacle Christian Church by the end of this year is my short term goal. The reason its my short-term goal and not my intermediate goal is because i dont want to rush it neither interval it. Graduating with an 3. 5 GPA at the age of 23 is my long-term academic goal. Even though a 3. GPA sounds like im not striving high enough, this goal is very important to me meanly beacause during high school i always set myself with a 2. 0 GPA which is an letter C grade average. By me setting it to an 3. 5 is a high limitation for me. Passing development 1 math final exam with an letter grade B is my intermediate academic goal. Although its my intermediate goal its an very important one, because in order for me to move on to math development 2 i have to pass the final with an letter grade B or A. Passing all of my classes in fall-term is my short term academic goal.

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By the end of fall term i expect my GPA to be an 3. 0 nothing lower. I plan on working hard and studying everyday for atleast 30 minuntes to achive this goal. At the age of 24 i plan on being in the U. S Navy, this long-term career goal is important to me because being an computer engineer in the Navy is something i always dream of doing and im going to make that dream come true. But i must have an intermediate career goal also. My intermediate goal is finding a job for the summer. I plan on starting job hunting for the summer job starting in March 2012.

My short-term career goal is at the age of 23 i plan to have learned most stuff about my career. With all of these goals being set sounds like a lot to complete in only six years. To be honest its not really to hard to complete because failure isnt a opiton. Out of all the goals i set i believe my career goal is the most important to me because the key in life is to be suceesful and my career path is a very good one. So as i typed this essay i also kept a copy. Every day i will read this paper to keep pushing myself until i achieve every goal i have set.

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