God’s Good Creatures Who Have Turned Into Evil

God is the supremely good Creator of good natures, and he is also the Creator of evil. God caused the devil to be evil. God foresaw the good, which he himself would bring out of his evil. God saw this was coming when he created him to be good, so when we turned bad God had arranged of him and how he would be make use of him. God knew how everything was going to turnout; he even saw man’s evil. God knew that man will one day change and he foresaw the evil in him before it happened. He created man and the evil that was coming from it.

God had a place ready for this also. Nothing would have been made if God did not know it was going to be good. God is sees what is good, he knew what he was creating, and one day it will be good. Plato said that when the universe was completed, God was filled with joy. God was blessed by his creation; he had approved the structure of the universe and planed it this way. God created the universe, as it is said, with one word. God said, “Let there be light,” and let appeared.

After God had created the light, he had said, “it was good.” The people oppose His rule are called God’s enemies. They are his enemies by their will to oppose him; they are not able to hurt him. God is always unchangeable; he is without any pain in the world. They people that resist God, and God’s will are evil to themselves,  they are not evil to God. To God, no evil is able to hurt him. They people that don’t believe him, are creating trouble for themselves, they are escaping the truth.

We are able to say that though vice cannot injure the unchangeable good, it can injure nothing but good. After this is said, we are also able to say that vice cannot be in the highest good, and cannot be but in some good. Things solely good can exist, but things that are solely evil, can never exist. For those things that have an evil will, are in some way evil, but their natures are in some way good. The evil that is created by God has.

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