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God’s Love and Power Essay Example

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Our God has come through to many sick, hungry, homeless, and diseased people. He has brought to them a whole new life, or at least a new perspective of how to look at life. With God’s powers, He can conquer anything and everything. No one or no one thing can overpower what God has made for us today. If each person reflects God’s actions everyday, we will only make Him stronger. But also in return, God will make us stronger when we go about our daily lives trying to serve Him.

Through many of God’s works He shows us His empathy to everyone, how to forgive, and also shows us His sympathy towards those who are hurt or in pain.

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God’s Love and Power Essay Example
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God shows empathy when he is always there should you need Him. (Psalm 145) He lifts anyone up when they are down, but also is there for you when you aren’t asking for your help. God also died for us to give us comfort because He knew that would take away the pain inside of us.

(Isaiah 40:1-11) This shows me how he took our pain for us. How could He show in any other way that He didn’t want us to have the pain? He knew the pain would be too hard for us to deal with, so God shared our feelings and emotions and took away many of the horrible ones.

When punishment was needed God would give a punishment, but God also is always able to give forgiveness. (Psalm 99) Moses and Aaron came to God with problems, but God was able to forgive them. God has showed people every day, even those with some of the worst sins, that He is able to forgive. God will not hold anything against you when you come to Him and tell Him you are sorry. God will also always come when you need him. (Joel 3:1-5) This shows that no matter what He will be there. God will not let you down as long as show Him that He is a part of your life.

I see the sympathy God has for people in the story of Simon’s mother-in-law. (Mark 1:29-31) God goes into the room that she is in, even when He knows that she is unclean and diseased. He goes against all social norms and does what He believes in. God is able to heal her just by touching her. By going into this house, God proves to us that He has sympathy for the poor, sick, and unclean. He will do anything within His power to make them comfortable. God also show us sympathy when he heals the paralytic. (Mark 2:1-12) He listens to the boy when he is in pain, and God takes away that disease and pain because He knows how the boy feels. When others are making fun of people, God will always be there for the one who is hurting. It is not fair for one person to be punished with pain, when they have done nothing to deserve the unfair treatment.

Through many ways, God shows us His power to make others feel accepted and loved. God would take the pain for any one person as long as they showed their love and devotion to Him. By showing everyone you should come across that you care about them or showing the one’s you love that you love them, you are showing God love. The way you treat others is also the way you treat God because He is inside each and everyone of us.

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