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Going Green Restaurants Essays

How is the industry incorporating green technology into their operation? What organizations are offering sustainability certifications? What are the benefits of going green? ------------------------------------------------- Many restaurants going green start with their equipment. With restaurants being the largest consumer in electricity, changes for better energy efficient equipment, using more non-toxic cleaning agents and recycling are a grow trend and a greener way of running a operation.

Energy Star appliances are a great way to start when incorporation green technology into your operation. Appliances that can reduce energy consumption, with updating old worn out equipment with new energy star appliances, even though they might be a little bit more pricey than what you budget for, many organizations find that in time with the cost you’re saving the green energy star appliances pay for them self after a year or two.

In order to accomplish a GRA green certification, restaurants must take four steps a year to reduce their environmental impact. This can mean small steps, such as recycling or eliminating Styrofoam for more biodegradable containers. It can also mean taking large actions, such as Energy Star rated appliances. Or solar/ wind power to operate your establishment. The Green Restaurant Association has given over 300 restaurants certificates for being Green.

And the number keeps growing as people are getting more conscientious about the environmental impact. Benefits of turning your restaurant “green” not only will reduce your costs and carbon footprint; it may also draw a new clientele. Set your establishment separate and different than others around you, if you are certified Green. By reducing waste, lowering your bills, and gaining at least 62% of the market that prefer eating at green Restaurants, pays off in the end and only benefits everyone and everything around the establishment. By: Jack

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