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Doug Richert9/28/98ECOLOGYWhere is the watershed? The watershed is located in Mason CountySize of the watershed The size of the watershed is 28.5 sq. milesGeneral Topography The general topography of goldbough is relatively flat with some hillsGeneral Land Uses The general land uses of the goldsbrough watershed are farmland and rural residential use and forestryWhere were the study sites? The study sites of goldsbrough were the 1st site was by the freeway by Scott Hilburn autoThe 2nd site was out Shelton mattock road about five miles to a bridge that went over middle goldsbourghThe 3rd site was little Egypt roadDates if studies The date of the study at the first site was Sept.

18, 1998The date of the study at the second site was Sept. 21,1998The date of the study at the third site was Sept. 25,1998METHODSPhysical check list, flow Tax, EPT Richness,How we got the flow for the 3 site was by measured off 50 feet then we dropped a leaf in the water and measured the time it took for the leaf to get to the end of the 50 feet then we recorded it on a piece of paper and repeated the process two more times and then divided it by 3MacroinvertebratesFirst we measured off 1 square meter and then kicked debris into it from the whole meter and dumped it out and found all the little Macroinvertebrates and we did that with all three transectsRESULTSRiparian health The riparian health was in fairly good condition except for site one there was a bank that was covered in rock and was eroding away and on the other side the habitat was in good shape in the other sites there was good over hanging trees for shade and debris in the river for fish and other macroinvertebrates to hide in.

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Woody debris in the stream for the fish habitat The amount of debris in the river was just about the rightamount for fish to hide and have a place to rest and to shade them from the sun and to provide a place for bugs to growErosion problems There was only one site that had an erosion problem and that was site one with one side of the inbankment falling into the river but the other side was fine the other sites were in good conditionSubstrate of the streambed – gravels silt The substrate at site one was in good condition there was good places for salmon to spawn, hide and rest in when they were making their way up stream. Except for the bank was eroding on the left side if you were looking up stream. The substrate at the second site was ok except for there was a hard clay like substance that lined the bottom of the whole area we surveyed. At the third site the substrate was in good condition there was nice looking cobble and pebbles and there was no erosion on either sides of the banksMacroinvertebratesTables for all sites# Taxa at each site


GOLDSBROUGH WATERSHERD REPORT COMPONENTS. (2019, Mar 08). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/goldsbrough-watersherd-report-components/

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