Google's Strategic Planning Process: An Analysis Essay

This is because the firm controls 65% of searches and 51.6% of all smart phones. These figures are significant in demonstrating the company’s supremacy in these markets. To fully understand what is taking place there will be a focus on their strategy. This will be accomplished by looking at: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Together, these elements will highlight the firm’s approach. (Graziano, 2012) (Goodwin, 2011) Planning Google’s strategic planning process involves identifying areas where consumers want value and growing markets. This means that managers will determine how the firm can take advantage of new opportunities.

It is at this point that they will have open discussions about the way this will affect the company’s future. After conducting a careful analysis, is when Google will decide if venturing into these areas will meet their vision and long term objectives. (Caplan, 2006) (Vice, 2008) Organizing The way that Google will organize a new strategy is to involve various staff members in the process. This is when they will share their ideas with managers and determine if the product is economically viable.

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Google's Strategic Planning Process: An Analysis
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Moreover, there is a focus on quality and making a positive impact in the marketplace. (Caplan, 2006) At the same time, the company will form alliances with other firms that can help to bring different…


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