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Toni Cede Bambina Short Story

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Gorilla My Love is greatly known for the voice of the narrator coming right off the pages. While the narrator is navigating the road trip, she goes into a flash back that reveals her struggle as a young adolescent and the things she’s still yet to learn. The Exposition of the story is when the narrator (Hazel) is shown a picture of her uncle’s girl friend.

In the background of the picture is a movie theater, which causes he narrator to have a flash back.

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Toni Cede Bambina Short Story
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This is when she goes back to a time she went to see a movie with her brothers titled gorilla my love. It is during this event that we learn that we are provided hazels relationship with her family and what her values are. There are many nicknames for the narrator of the story that in fact take presences over her real name which we don’t learn until later in the story. The nicknames help us to understand whom others perceive her as.

A key lesson of the story is that the sciences help us to understand that beneath that loud voice and confidence Is a adolescent who is inexperienced. When she insists that her Grandfather call her Hazel is when we get the affirmation of her identity. However Hazel is not alone when talking about the name defining the identity of the character. Hunch Bubby also wants a new start to his Identity and tells people to start calling him by his full name, Jefferson Winston Vale. The stories themes honesty and credibility are the rising action of the story.

It Is the inflict of the car and the movie with hazel being deceived. At the move she Is furious over being lied to about the movie title. With Hunch Bubby she feels a moment of her childhood being dishonored. It Is here we realize she doesn’t understand the meaning of literal and figurative language. Despite what the fact that Hazel Is a growing girl with more to learn. Her Journey has had an Impact on others along the way. Bambina shows us that a young girls understanding of Honesty and values Is one that could also benefit adults.

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