Federal Government Salaries

In 2004, my father got a new job at a family-owned hotel here in Indiana. We then moved here, and he held that job for about 8 years. Inevitably I worked there myself at one point, early in my freshman year here at Carmela HAS. The hotel was in a rougher part of Westfield, and it was economically lagging itself. It was robbed a few times as well. During my tenure there, my dad was stringent about one rule the TV must be always on a news channel.

If youth Like me, and you find yourself trapped In an empty hotel for 8 hours with nothing but the news to watch, you will eventually concede and start actually paying attention to it for some “entertainment”. I eventually kept saying the same thing to myself; “This part of the city, this hotel, and those robbers would be all In better conditions not just economically but generally, if our elected officials (at the state and federal levels) didn’t always spend their time arguing or campaigning, but actually trying to work together to make life better for the citizens of the united states” (REWORD).

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The more I developed opinions, the more I really looked forward to working shifts there it was a place to sit down and watch the news, once a week. To get involved in the government, through knowledge and awareness. By June 2012, the hotel was set to be shut down and demolished by the state in pursuit of a massive highway reconstruction project on US-31. Walking out of the doors for the last time In 8 years, the doors I smeared my fingerprints on as a hyper 7 year old and cleaned as a 14 year old, was set on what I wanted to do as an adult public service, in the government.

I want to serve one day as a representative of the people, one that focuses In the end on addressing the Issue and compromising. For the sake of our future. A friend of mine at school, whose political views I share. Suggested that start a CSS Young Democrats club. I consider myself a Democrat but I saw that club as the last thing I would ever start. I wanted to make a political discussion club that has no set leaning or favor, a neutral one. This way, students of any political affiliation could come and discuss their views on the issues. Ultimately then, this club would not just be a debate club, but a club for someone to come and learn about the issues… And get a much more expanded knowledge on them, due to the several different viewpoints that would be presented to them. I also figured that the neutral Image of this would make It much more appealing to the teachers I would ask to sponsor it. But in my sophomore year, I found that not many teachers, or students, had interest in this. I was told several things, (one ‘Krishna, you would get better membership numbers in an Open Heart Surgery club”.

Oh, and; (next slide) “Not even would any of the government teachers would be Milling to sponsor that”. … L really agreed at that point. It was a little demoralizing; do people hate talking about government and politics that much? I do not think they should, and it occurred to me that the reason several people dismissed the idea of government and politics Nas because they simply Just thought it was too complicated. They never see themselves talking about it, not once, ever. Nay? It’s because people are equating the terms “government” and “politics” and their meanings.

In order to drop this stigma, we need to understand what is government and what is politics. Ere Merriam-Webster dictionary defines politics as (slide w/definition) “activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping rower in a government. ” In English, it’s the influence of power and influence of operations in a government. The dictionary defines government as “a particular system used for controlling a country, state, etc. “. In English, well, it is what is is a system to control things. So? Can convey to you my… Light through a simple analysis of this image, a picture of glasses and a scenario. Take an average American citizen. Let’s say over time this American citizen decides that they need the assistance of glasses or the government to do help solve some of their problems. Excellent; I think not Just in America, but in all countries, that citizens and government should work together to solve problems. Now let’s say our American citizen goes to get glasses for themselves, seeing several glasses with different colored frames black ones, blue ones, purple ones, you name it.

Here is where I think the problem starts there are people in the country who will ridicule this citizen for the kind of frame they get with their glasses. This is symbolic of modern politics everybody has a different frame they like to see the world in. Our citizen might get fed up with being ridiculed and decide to stop wearing glasses altogether. It’s better that they Just not get involved rather than getting made fun of En trying to. From a governmental perspective, this is the downfall of every good nation.

This will be one voter lost, and one less citizen aware of their government and its actions. If this happened in the millions, a government could pass legislation that could potentially violate civil rights. If and when they do that, there won’t be anyone to stop them. Why? Because they can’t see anything that’s going on. Lincoln remarked in the Gettysburg Address would no longer be true government Mould no longer be by the people. So now, this example will take government as we know it and complicate it to anyone else who is looking for glasses.

They will all think like our citizen did “No, it’s a little too complicated for me to find the right pair, plus I’ll probably get made fun of in the and”. How do we fix that? En need to shut out the hostile politics by understanding and accepting the fact that people will always be different in views. This is why President Harry Truman remarked “It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace. When we understand the other fellows viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit own and work out our differences. “.

When we adopt that mindset, government will be less complicated as understanding it will only require a very face-valued and objective knowledge of it, which can be learned right from the high-school level in a Government class. From there, when we work together, understand and accept the views of others, we Nil all unite in one common goal which is seeing the world from a better point of view, and making sure everyone else sees it better as well. When we reach this point in our country, only then will we truly be one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Thank you.

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