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Government ensure that the development

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How does the Government ensure that the development of Youths in this country is consistent with National Development in general? By Hauntingly In 21st century, youth is one of the main sources to contribute in the future of a country. In Malaysia, development of country and development in youth should go side by side. Young people need to be placed at the centre of national development. By the way, youth development can be defined as government and society can support young women and men aged 12 to 24.

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Government ensure that the development
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It’s about how they develop the skill and attitudes they need to take a positive part in society, now and in future. The years from 12 to 24 are critical for human development. Youths are increasingly involved In crime; most problem youth come from homes lacking in parental guidance. Therefore, youth are likely to seek advice from friends who could pose negative peer pressure to them. Parents should make time for their children and pay appropriate attention on them but not strictly.

Relevant units should deliver some common knowledge about harm on misuse, abuse of weapon and drug even severe punishment of high court through campaign or talk. In case, Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation held a series of programmer and activities for youths under a aiming called Youths unite Against Crime’. Besides, youth development is triggered when young people fully participate. They need to be given opportunities to involve in some meaningful activities. This can aid them to identify their personality and abilities through learning and services.

Youth should be encourage to join extracurricular activities, even develop their hobbles or something expert In. This can help them to determine aspiration or target In their life. For example, National Services can train their leadership, gains more knowledge, build their skills and be more respect and unity with other races. Employment is parallel with output of economic. This is due to labor in country can’t fully utilized as unemployment rate is higher. Young people are main workforce to supply labor.

Thus, government should provide Job opportunities to those who after school. Work can provide young people with important opportunities to learn skills, make a contribution through social connections and, in paid work, earn money. Government try to protect worker’s rights and interests especially fresh graduated. The announcement of minimum wages policy came into force from 1 January 2013. Healthy lifestyle Is Important In development of youth. Nowadays, smoking Is a bad habit among teenagers. Statistic shows that 90% of smokers are youth.

It Is a serious Issue for government to discuss and need Teflon a way to solve this problem. For campaign to anti smoking. In 2011, the warning cover the half top of cigarette packs meant to shock deter new smokers and motivate existing smoker to quit. How to ensure that the development of youths in this country is consistently with national development? Youth are main structure of a country, they can bring a country toward a bad culture or a good culture. As a conclusion, national development supported by development of youth.

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