Government Quiz 1

Ben Franklin
A signer of the Constitution
George Washington
Presided over the Constitutional Convention
Problems between the states
Trading with each other, printing state currency
Reasons for not signing
“Too much power given to the federal government.”
A request

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George Mason
Refused to sign the Constitution
The Constitution was completed in 1776.
By the end of the Convention, 39 delegates signed the Constitution.
“Abridging” is the term used for combining efforts in order to get a unified and agreed-upon result.
The Constitution deals with extraditing a ? back to a state for trials.
The right to peaceceably assembe is found in the First Amendment.
Correcting a wrong that was done
The First Amendment also gives the citizen the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Redress means:
Endowed and unalienable
“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are ? by their creator with certain ? rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
domestic tranquility
Ensuring ? means ensuring peacefulness of calmness.
Check what is TRUE about the First Amendment of the Constitution:
A. Congress may call for an Act of War
B. Congress may not cancel the rights of the states
C. Congress may not prevent a religion from free exercises.
Bill of Rights
The first ten Amendments to the Constitution are called the ?
The Supreme Court ruling of neutrality concerning public school prayer occured in
A. 1961
B. 1962
C. 1963
Mark the phrase below which is true concerning the Constitution:
A. It helps establish country boundary lines within states according to census results
B. It gives a general outline of information in electing the President of the United States
C. It sets the law for the rights of public highways and waterways.
The number of the Constitutional Amendment giving the states freedoms and control is Amendment number ?
state government
A dentist would apply for a license with the ?
President/Vice President
The Electoral College makes the decision of electing the ? of the United States.
The First Amendment includes the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right of the people to peaceably ?
Choose the statement that is NOT correct:
A. In 1947 the Supreme Court ruled against public funding for transportation to parochial schools
B. “Abridging” means reducing or cutting short
C. Congress has the right to limit the free practice of religion.
If Mr. Smith takes a case all the way to the Supreme Court concerning his being unlawfully jailed, he is trying to see that a wrong be righted. The word for “correcting a wrong that was dones” is ?
Not allowing excessive bail or punishment
The Eight Amendment deals with ?
rights and freedoms
The assembly called for a “bill of rights” that would list the ? and ? of the Individual American.
The Second Amendment gives the citizen:
A. The right to a speedy trial
B. The right to keep and bear arms
C. The right to keep freedoms not listed in the Constitution
“Seach and seizure” restrictions are listed in the ? Amendment.
A speedy trial
The sixth amendment gives a citizen of the U.S a right to ?
listed here and right
Amendment Nine tells us that the presence of the list of Amendments does not mean “if it’s not ?, you don’t have the ?” Americans have other freedoms.
Making laws and enforcing them
Jurisdiction means the power of ?
If a state is not in conflict with the U.S. ? or acts of Congess, it can work in a fairly wide – range of areas.
The State of New Mexico must honor all of the Indian Reservation ? that were drawn up by the American Government for the Indian Nations.
A hospital would be included in the public safety service.
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