Government Should Stay Out of the Abortion Issue Essay

Nowadays abortion is a controversial issue around the world - Government Should Stay Out of the Abortion Issue Essay introduction. If you ask me which country is full of prevalence of abortion, I would say that it is the United States of America. According to http://www. abortionno. org/Resources/fastfacts. html, it said that there are about one million people to have an abortion every year and also about three thousand people per day. I also think this issue is becoming more serious because everyone has a different idea about that. Some people are pro-life, and some people are pro-choice.

This issue deals with several factors of a person’s life. Therefore, I think government should stay out of the abortion issue because of respecting religious beliefs, invading human right, and ensuring quality of life for the baby. First of all, abortion has a much closed relationship with religious beliefs. There are many different religions in the world such as Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. The most common religious belief in the United States is Christianity.

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Government Should Stay Out of the Abortion Issue
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According to the Bible, there is a quote tell us that abortion is an unrespectable action to the God. “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonder-fully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – and how well I know it. ” (Psalm 139:13-14). If government interferes in compelling people to have an abortion, it will receive the demonstration from the public because government has no right to make a decision for a pregnant woman. Moreover, everything in the society is based on human rights.

Human rights are the special power for everyone who is entitled to all the rights and freedoms in this declaration without any kind of discrimination due to race, color, sex, language, religion, political, national, social origin, or birth. From looking at this aspect, human rights are really important for a person, especially a woman with a fetus. If government is part of the abortion issue, their human rights will be invaded. That is an inhuman thing for the government to do. Then, the woman will lose the chance to make an appropriate decision for herself and the fetus.

Furthermore, the quality of life for the baby in the future should be seriously considered by parents. Now I state my stance first; I am pro-choice. Therefore, I definitely think that a woman should have her own right to decide she needs to have an abortion or not. In some cases, even people not able to give a quality life for their baby, still insist on having a baby. Thus, I think the baby will become their burden. In some undeveloped countries like Africa, people there keep on having sex but not thinking about the outcome. For this reason, a family may have more than 5 children.

I do not think they can bring up their children by enough money and good education. Obviously, they do not know raising up a child is a really hard thing to do. In Hong Kong, people know that if they want to bring up a baby until he or she become a adult, the money they need about $500,000 US Dollars, so the parents who come from poor families need to work more to earn enough money. In this situation, if the government does not give ways for the woman to have an abortion, the baby will absolutely do not have a good environment to live when he/she is born.

When they know they really do not have enough ability to do, they will not have sex anymore or wear a condom while they are having sex. Even though I think government should stay out of the abortion issue, it still has a powerful right to control everything in the country. When government tries to take action to interfere the issue unless it fully considers what would happen after a pregnant woman has an abortion or not. I say this because the government has a responsibility to face its decision. Someone say a woman who has an abortion would easily to get a serious mental problem.

Everybody knows mental problem is hard to get well in a short time period, so government should not interfere on this controversial issue to prevent form getting into trouble. One other thing, when the government use its right to force the woman should let the baby be born, it may get in trouble as well because it does not know the family if they have enough ability and money to bring up the baby. Thus, government should provide a flexible way for pregnant women to make their own decision. In conclusion, abortion is an obviously controversial issue in the United States.

People who are Christians are supposed to respect their religions. They can not do some actions which rebel against the God. The importance of human right is to ensure that every one in a country has an opportunity to choose what they want to do. If they lose the rights, they will not have any freedom in their lives and they will be controlled by the government. On the other hand, they also have to think over the problem on how to look after the baby in the future. Therefore, I strongly think that government should stay out of the abortion issue.

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