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Grade 8 assignment

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In this paper we will discuss two different cabling solutions (copper & fiber), and in what situations you would choose one over the other. One might be better for one type of application while the other might be a better fit, depending on the situation. They each have their own advantages which we will discuss in the following paragraphs. The first type of cable we will talk about is copper cabling. There are three main advantages in using copper cabling: (POE, less expensive electronics and more flexibility).

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Power over Ethernet or POE allows you to power phones, security cameras, Wireless Access Points (Whaps) and many other devices right through the networking cable itself (Communications Products Inc.

, 2014). Another advantage to copper is that most PC’s come with copper NICE cards, so if you are running fiber it would cost you $100-$200 for each optical NICE card. TDMA environments are built to run on copper infrastructures. Fiber can be used, however the electronics that make it work are expensive (Communications Products Inc. , 2014). Fiber cabling has many advantages depending on the type of application it is seed for.

Fiber cabling is not affected at all by Electromagnetic Interference (MME). This causes interference in the signal transmission. Fiber cabling is immune to this type of interruption. Fiber can also provide higher bandwidth than copper. And believe it or not, fiber is actually less expensive than copper. Fiber cabling is also very lightweight which is very helpful when carrying it around on a big job. One disadvantage to fiber is that it is more fragile than copper cabling. This is very important when you are running the cable around corners or in very tight spaces.

There are advantages and disadvantages in both copper and fiber cabling. The type of cabling you use really depends on what you’re using it for and if it would be cost efficient to choose on over the other. Personally, would go with the fiber cabling because of the higher bandwidth. These days pretty much every electronic device connects to the internet wirelessly, so having higher bandwidth would accommodate more devices.

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