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Any questions about the status of the shipment of the order, refunds,registration options, product details, technical support, volumediscounts, dealer pricing, site licenses, non-credit card orders, etc,must be directed to kSoft at the address on the registration formTo insure that you get the latest version, PsL will notify me the dayof your order and I will ship the product directly to you.

I am required by my contract with PsL to ship you a disk immediatelyregardless of whether you have the current version already.

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Therefore,if you order through PsL, you will receive the most current versionright away, as well as an upgrade to the next major release. To helpdefray the additional costs, you will be charged an extra $2.50 in theU.S. and Canada ($5 outside North America) for handling.

How to get the latest version:——————————The latest version of Graphmatica for DOS and Windows is availableon various FTP and web sites on the Internet. For the very latestrelease, including beta-test versions, see the kSoft homepage: http://www.pair.com/ksoft/You can also use WWW, FTP, or gopher to access archives.math.utk.eduand look in the software/msdos/graphing/grmat directory for the latestversions. Or search for “graphmatica” in the ZD-Net Software Library(www.hotfiles.com).

How to contact me:——————You will receive the fastest reply by sending e-mail to emailprotectedI can typically respond to quick questions within a day or two.

I do NOT provide telephone support. Please don’t try to get my numberthrough directory assistance, as you will probably just bother myparents.

Worst comes to worst, you can write me a letter and mail it to theaddress below. I promise I will respond to it, although I can’tguarantee how long it will take.

kSoft, Inc.

345 Montecillo Dr.

Walnut Creek, CA 94595-2654Please make checks payable to Keith Hertzer.What’s new in version 1.60e:—————————-1. In trig graph paper, legends for “1 pi” are now simply “pi”2. Coordinate cursor now prints polar coordinates (t,r) when polar graph paper is selected.

3. Fixed another problem with the toolbar caused by the lastest IE4.

This one may only have occurred on NT, not 95/98.

4. Added the statistical functions “gamma” and “gammaln” (natural logarithm of the gamma function).

5. Added “**” as an alternative to “^” as the exponentiation operator.

What’s new in version 1.60d:—————————-1. Fixed a bug which caused Integrate Curve region to display incorrectly in some cases when zoomed in too far.

2. Entire graph is drawn for equations like x=y^3, not just positive half.

3. Fixed a problem which could cause the first on-screen point to be calculated incorrectly for polar and parametric graphs (leaving a gap at the edge of the screen).

4. Fixed a problem with very small domains on a Words/ Pages : 438 / 24

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Graphmatica. (2018, Dec 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/graphmatica/

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