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Great Effect of Optimistic Attitude

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Outlook…Good!Optimistic and pessimistic attitudes constantly affect the outcome of people’s lives. In my life, I try to keep an optimistic attitude about the things I do because I know it will help lead me to more desirable ends. There have been many situations in which optimism has helped me through difficult times. Two areas in particular have provided me optimistic experiences: athleticsand academics. First, optimism was very apparent while I was the co-captain of my high school soccer team.

I was captain during my senior year, perhaps the year we had the best team since I had begun playing in eighth grade. Right from the start of the season I had to show leadership and bring improvement in skill among the younger players. I worked side by side with my coach and the other co-captain to lead the team into what was to be a successful season. Also, in addition to working to improve the skills of the younger players, I had to increase the desire they had in their hearts to be on the field and play to the best of their abilities.

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Great Effect of Optimistic Attitude
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This involved always having and showing a very positive attitude toward the team, no matter what the situation. It was easy for me just because of how much I loved playing soccer and how strong my desire was always to put forth my best performance. The most challenging times for me were those when we would be losing and all the players would get angry with one another. This was especially apparent when one of the defenders on our team would make a mistake and allow the other team to score. Many players would then yell at him creating a negative attitude both toward themselves and the player. At that time, even though I was actually angry myself, I would both stop the other players from yelling and offer encouragement to the one who had made the mistake. For the most part, I would simply offer some advice by pointing out what he had done wrong and told him how to do it right the next time. Thereby, I would always keep a very positive attitude and told the players that they were doing well, but they just had to do it better next time. I know that the way I approached the problem helped maintain a positive attitude among all the players. This approach led to the team playing better and winning more.

Another application in which an optimistic attitude has proven to be very beneficial has been in academics. Notably, there have been classes in which assignments were difficult for me and led to less than sufficient grades. Even though I was disappointed with my poor performance, I always stayed optimistic about bringing the grades back up. The one time that stood out among all the rest was when I was taking the SAT. All through my sophomore and junior years, many people had told me to prepare heavily for the SAT, and I did not. I wanted to take some review classes at the beginning of my junior year, but both sports and my job interfered; consequently, I did not have time for the class. I had also hoped to take the exam fairly early so I would have time to retake it if I had not scored well enough. Of course, once again, other things took priority, and I registered at the last minute for the last exam of my junior year. I took the SAT at eight o’clock in the morning on June 5, 1999. Even though I had not prepared in any way before taking it, I went with the attitude that I was going to score excellently. Every time I got to a question that was a bit difficult, I would simply repeat to myself, “Every question has an answer, and there’s a way to find it.” Then I decided on an answer that satisfied me and moved on. I omitted not one question and achieved an overall score of 1310 on the exam, a score I was very proud of. I attributed my having scored so well on the exam without any preparation completely to my optimistic attitude.

A person’s attitude can have a much greater effect than many would think. No matter what the situation, the outcome can most definitely be drastically affected by the positive or negative attitude of the person involved. It is for this simple reason that I always try to remain optimistic about everything I do.


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