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Green And Clean Nation

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Microsoft® Midtown Madness™ 1.0 (Chicago Edition) README
April 1999.

© Copyright 1999 Microsoft Corporation.

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Green And Clean Nation
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This document contains important information specific to Version 1.0 of Midtown Madness that is not included in the jewel case booklet or online Help.


The Midtown Madness jewel case booklet describes important game controls and the types of vehicles and races in Midtown Madness. You can also find a map of Midtown’s Chicago and information, including telephone numbers, about your technical support options.

The online Help system for Midtown Madness includes information about playing the game and maximizing your performance. To get Help, click the “?” button in the upper right corner of any game screen.

You can also refer to a Quick Key Reference list while you are driving. Press F1 to pause the game and display the Quick Key Reference list. Press ESC (or the Exit Menu button) when you are ready to get back in the action.

FAQ.RTF (located in the folder where you installed Midtown Madness or on the Midtown Madness disc) includes the answers to 25 commonly asked questions about playing and optimizing the performance of Midtown Madness.

For the latest information, visit the Midtown Madness World Wide Web site at:


Table of Contents

1. General Notes and Troubleshooting
1.1. Miscellaneous tips for making the game run faster
1.2. Midtown Madness Setup progress indicator moves forward erratically
1.3. If you minimize Midtown Madness and then change your display resolution setting in Windows Control Panel…
1.4. No credit for checkpoints passed when frame rate is slow
1.5. If Midtown Madness stops responding while attempting to detect a video card the first time you start the game…
1.6. Poor performance when playing Midtown Madness on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Pentium II-300 computer
1.7. If Midtown Madness closes.

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Green And Clean Nation. (2018, Sep 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/green-and-clean-nation/

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