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Greenhouse Effect and Ecosystem

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Environment plays an important role in human life. Nowadays, people are trying to take care of this environment, to ensure the prosperity and happiness of their life . Environment or ecosystem is the interaction and interface between living things (biotic) and non-living (a biotic) in nature. Biotic component includes all kinds of living creatures such as humans, animals, plants and micro organisms. Whereas a biotic components include non-living components such as soil, water, wind, air, sunlight and so on.

Living in the globalization world, the rapid increase of human population, led to increased variety of environmental problems.

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Greenhouse Effect and Ecosystem
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Activities that have been carried out such as industrial and logging was threatening environment badly. Human activities now rely on scientific and technological progress and economic development which has become concerned as the major cause of pollution. The continuous contamination of the environment could give bad consequences to the dynamic of the ecosystem. The greenhouse effect is one of the phenomenon that turns our earth’s temperature rose higher and hotter.

This means that the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun to the earth, partly reflected into space while the rest is reflected into the earth to make it hotter. The heat which reach the earth is reflected back by the earth’s surface into space as infrared rays. Thermal energy is not necessarily impenetrable as most heat out of the atmosphere will be absorbed by gases which trapped in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbons and methane. This trapped heat will raise the temperature of the earth’s surface and make sure that the earth is always hot.

Increase amount of contaminated gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide also contributes in the rise of the earth surface temperature. The increase in carbon dioxide caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. Greenhouse effect has a great impact on ecosystem as it negatively affects marine life, a biotic components, causes migration of certain species and leads to vegetation change in forests. First of all, greenhouse effect has brought many harmful effects to marine life. The phenomenon begins with ocean acidification which leads to the death of some species of sea lives.

There is always a constant exchange between the upper layers of the oceans and the atmosphere. The equilibrium is maintained and means the ocean and the atmosphere contains equal concentrations of carbon dioxide. However, when greenhouse effect occurs, this means that there will be more carbon dioxide remaining in the atmosphere as it is the main contributing factor. The carbon dioxide will not only dissolves in atmosphere but also dissolves in the surface waters of the oceans. The dissolve of carbon dioxide gases in the ocean will generate dramatic changes in sea water chemistry.

The chemistry alters first when the carbon dioxide gases (CO2) reacts with water molecules (H2O) and forms the weak acid H2CO3 (carbonic acid). Most of this acid then dissociates into hydrogen ions (H+) and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-). There are now more dissociated hydrogen ions which are acidic in the sea. Therefore, the sea has become more acidic which means a decrease in pH value of the sea. Ocean acidification is causing harmful effects to the marine life. Increased acidity reduces carbonate which is the mineral used to form the shells and skeletons of many shellfish and corals.

The effect is just similar to osteoporosis, slowing growth and making shells weaker (Natural Resources Defense Council). If pH levels drop enough, the shells will literally dissolve. Some sensitive species could lose their protective shells and eventually die out. According to Jennifer Kennedy, fish and other marine life are also affected by compromising their ability to reproduce because of the process of acidosis, or buildup of carbonic acid in body fluids of shell life. Besides, greenhouse effect also leads to migration of some fauna species. Greenhouse effect causes many places to become warmer.

Besides, it can also alter behaviors, population sizes, species distributions and plant and animal communities (Audubon. com). Different species will vary in being affected depending on differences in their ecology and life history. Species with small population sizes, restricted ranges, and limited ability to move to different habitat will be most at risk. Realizing the habitat is unfavorable, many species choose to migrate to a place with higher altitude. At there, the temperature will be lower due to the higher pressure. The place with lower temperature would be more suitable for some fauna species to live on.

For example, the habitat ranges of many North American species are moving upward in elevation. This means a range expansion for some species, and for others it might mean a movement into less hospitable habitat (United States Environmental Protection Agency, n. d. ). For some species that are already at the upper limit of their habitat, they have nowhere to go but negatively impact by the unsustainable condition. Besides, when the habitat is not appropriate for some fauna due to the effects of greenhouse gases, many species migrate earlier and thus affect their annual life cycle.

As the climate has warmed in recent decades, the timing of these events has changed in some parts of the country. For instance, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency, northeastern birds that winter in the southern United States are returning north in the spring 13 days earlier than they did in the early 20th century and meanwhile in a California study, 16 out of 23 butterfly species shifted their migration timing and arrived earlier. These changes can cause mismatches in the timing of migration, breeding, and food availability of the certain species.

When many species tend to migrate to a place of higher altitude or migrate at inaccurate time, there will be less or even no fauna species that in the original habitat. The ecosystem is then disturbed and affected by the uneven distribution of many species of fauna. If the greenhouse effect is increased continuously and not controlled, the earth will have to face a big problem. It is obvious that, greenhouse effect graph will be a lot of problems to humans. Water in the oceans and rivers will become hot and easily evaporate. Not only that, the land, especially in the northern and middle latitudes will be drier.

The change of the wind direction could cause a devastating storm which may occur frequently. Uneven rainfall could results in drought because of the uneven heating of the earth. The sea level will rise and flood will occur due to the block-polar icebergs in the North and South poles melt. These incidents are not only threaten human lives but also endangered animal life and activities such as agriculture, fisheries and water supplies will be disrupted. The increase in population will increase energy consumption and demand for fossil fuels and electricity supply .

This will cause more trees will be cut down and more industrial areas will be opened. All of these activities will result in the addition of the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the earth’s temperature will rise further. Three years ago, Malaysia and some of the world tropical timber producing countries criticized for destroying the environment which considered the most productive country. American is the most vocal in expressing their slogans that world should boycott the tropical wood products.

At the same time, Malaysia is also considered one of the largest contributor in the loss of the Antarctic ozone layer because Malaysia is among the world’s largest refrigerator producer. Looking at the country’s rapid development, we should think the security of the next generation. Every year we lose a lot of high ground and small hills, especially in large urban areas. Sometimes we are also persuaded by the state of the whisperer which saying that, something good would require a sacrifice. In fact, from this attitude, each individual must believe that the destruction that occurred today was a sacrifice that we have done before. The Day After Tomorrow’ (TDAT), is a film inspired by Roland Emmerich which is fairly assertive human vision to figure out what will happen if people continue to forget their offense. Until the end, the outcomes was so horrific, but no one able to prevent it even a single person armed with scientific progress and greatest technology in the world. What is portrayed in the film TDAT is the greenhouse effect which is a phenomenon that had cause, a great temperature drop to -150 F recorded, even in areas where the snow had not been afflicted, there is such things happen, hail stones in Japan.

Even in the north hemisphere of the world has once again hit the ice age, such as what had happened in the world 50 million years ago. Amazing! Unfortunately the issue of greenhouse effect which have been a great discussion over the world due to the effects of industrial development throughout the world, have died from the mindset of the public around the world lately. Likely, they thought the effect would only hit in hundred years and it might be there is someone from this community think it is a destiny and continue to let it happen without a sense of responsibility. If this situation truly occurred in our citizen, I will considered that we have kept a big wound which will never recovered in our life.


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