Grill Wizard Essay

Wizard Willing to have fast and efficient frying and cooking with propane gas than GrillWizard is your tool. Light the burner and instantly you have a hot 100,000 BTU (British thermal unit) continuous flame. The GrillWizard will help you eliminate fish and other lingering cooking odors from your home. The GrillWizard is used for many kinds of food: * fast frying of fish, potatoes, onion rings * chicken and seafood

This cooker is completely portable with all parts easily assembled and disassembled for compact transportation and storage, yet it weighs only 40 lb. When the control valve is open, a full 100,000 BTU of powerful heat prepares cooking oil in 3 minutes for frying. Adjust the heat with a touch of the control valve. Operating instructions : 1) Place grill on level ground. Insert tapered end of tubing into the hole in the base of the grill. (CAUTION: Make sure the cooker is level and the burner is facing up. 2) Attach grill connector to propane cylinder. 3) Completely open propane valve. 4) Slightly open control valve at grill connecter and light cooker at top of tube immediately (CAUTION: DO NOT stand directly over cooker when lighting burner. ) 5) Adjust control valve for desired flame height. 6) When finished cooking, always close both grill connector valve and propane cylinder valve completely. Additional specifications: The GrillWizard works with any size of propane tank cylinder and all will give off the same amount of heat.

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A 20 lb cylinder will provide approximately 6 hours of cooking time if valves are completely opened. The intense heat produced by the GrillWizard allows you to fast-fry all foods. The GrillWizard has been designed for easy care. However, keep all dirt and foreign objects out of connectors, hose, valves and openings. Failure to do so could cause obstruction of gas and CAUTION: if you suspect leaks, DO NOT light unit before checking. FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY.

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