Ground Water Review Essay

A Ground Water Review

The paper discusses the impacts of excessive groundwater extraction on rivers and lakes.  It primarily made use of several case studies in the United States to illustrate the key principles responsible for the cause and effect relationships of excessive extraction of groundwater.  The major impacts related with drought and flooding were also discussed - Ground Water Review Essay introduction. Some of them are reduced water levels in streams and lakes, destruction of vegetation, and intrusion of seawater into freshwater lakes and other bodies of water.

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In regard to that, I think the paper was well-written with a logical arrangement to the discussion of topics and sub-topics.  The paper started out on a general topic and going on to more specific topics such as case studies.  Because of that, the shifting of the topics is easy to follow.  It also makes the reading easier to understand due to the breaking up of main topic into smaller sub-topics.

The sentences in the paper are also well-written.  However, the reading may be a hard reading for those not accustomed to environmental jargons such as aquifers.  Lay people would probably prefer watershed or basin.  Aside from that, if this would be subjected to a SMOG Readability test, this would probably have a score greater than ten, signifying that not most people will find it an easy reading.  However, given that people who would be reading this paper are probably familiar with different, and harder, terms in environmental science, this paper is a relatively easy book to read.  If the paper would be subjected to popularization, then I suggest that most of the technical terms be re-termed or that they be explained in the beginning of the paper or at a separate page.

The arguments made by the authors were supported by facts.  This could be seen in their citation.  Furthermore, most of the information were first-hand data, some coming from different US offices, investigations report and technical reports.

I think the topic written here is important due to the fact that what happens to our groundwater is not only a problem of those who are directly affected by it. In one way or another, what happens to the groundwater affects us indirectly.  It affects the water we drink, that is why we now have a concept of and buy bottled drinking waters.  It affects the plants we eat. Most of the vegetation where saline water has intruded either dies or gets sick.  Whether or not we accept it, it does have an impact on us.

Works Cited

Loáiciga, H. A., Wolf, J. T., and Zekster, S.  Environmental Geology.   “Environmental impacts of groundwater overdraft: selected case studies in the southwestern United States”.   2005.

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