Grow of Human Population Essay

As the human population continues to increase and our natural resources continue to decrease, mankind’s lifestyle is continuing to contribute to atmospheric pollution, depletion of water resources, deforestation, and the extinction of wildlife. These are all important issues concerning the well being of our planet and future generations to come. Stabilizing the human population, conservation and investing in renewable energy resources are the keys to protecting the carrying capacity of the earth’s natural resources and reducing the effects of global warming.

Human population has become an ever growing global issue today. Human population is measured by the birth rate and the death rate (Axia, 2010).With advancements in medicine and technology humans are living longer lives. The efficiency of industrialization has also played are large role in keeping up with the pace of producing food and maintaining an exponential population growth. The evidence of this exponential population growth started in the year 1800 in which the population first reached one billion; by the year 2000, the population had reached six billion (Axia, 2010).

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Grow of Human Population
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No one knows the carrying capacity of the earth’s natural resources but we do know it has a limited supply of these resources for the fact there is only one planet. Because of the increasing human population this problem has lead to over consumption of water supplies like depletion of aquifers (Axia, 2010). When the aquifers are used up there will be no more clean water to drink, which is necessary for human existence. The construction of urbanization has disrupted most of the earth’s landscape and decreased wildlife habitats (Axia, 2010). Urbanization and deforestation have lead to the extinction of many species that can hinder some breakthroughs in medicine (Axia, 2010). And the overuse of nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil, and…
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