Guatemala- Practica

Guatemala – Practica A. Answer the following questions. These answers can be found in the video. 1. Describe the life of Cesar and his family. Be sure to include: ·how many there are in his family 2 sisters, mom, and grandma ·What each of them do for a living, Anna Elizabeth student works at family store, Analina substitute teacher Language. Mom works at the pharmacy, grandma grows corn ·what languages they speak Spanish, Indian language (chichi) Cesar and his family speak mainly spanish and their native Indian language Chichi.

He has two sisters named Anna Elizabeth, and Analina who mainly help around the house and work the family store. For a living Anna is a student, and Analina is a substitute teacher who teaches Language. He also has his mom who is a widow and works at the pharmacy, he also has his grandmother who grows corn and other foods. Ceasar goes to school and helps out his family. 2. Why is the market so important in their city? Economy is based on the market. Family’s lively hood depends on the market 3.

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What is the major craft of Guatemala? Embroidery, weaving cloth. 4. What type of school does Cesar attend? What are the courses offered there? Vocational school were they learn job skills. The courses that are offered there are wood working, sewing, farming, and electrical work. 5. How does Cesar generally spend his time outside of school? Ride to his uncles to work on purses, once a week goes to a counseling session at the church. Weekends walk to grandma’s house, helping in the store, reading, play basketball, sit at the river. . What foods do he and his family eat a lot of? Tortillas and black beans 7. Describe what they do to prepare for Carnival in their city? Make lots of festival eggs which will be decorated and sold in the store, set up booths. B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting the lifestyle of people where you live and that of the people of Chichicastenango. Support your answers with facts from the video. Be sure to include: ·the climate ·electricity ·celebrations (Easter) ·goals (both personal and as a city) lifestyle in general The lifestyle that Caser and I share is not very different from one another. We both go to school; we both work part time and help out our family. We both like to do sports in our spare time. Not only are we alike so are our communities. The climate is very hot here as well there. There are celebrations that we share such as Easter were we both decorate eggs though they have been saving theirs and we just buy ours from a store, but we all decorate them. As same as we have things there are many differences as well.

Though we both go to school I learn the basic four subjects they have a vocational school were they learn job teaching skills. The electricity is also different such as we have running water, lights, fans and electronics they don’t. A house in the country would have two light sockets in the house. Also we have malls but there malls is mainly selling food when ours sells the hottest brained of clothing. Our lifestyles though may seem like we are from different worlds they are more alike than I thought. After completing both sections, submit your work as an attachment to 4. 02/Asignacion.

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