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Guidelines for Effective Communication in Families

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After reading the chapter in my book and talking to three parents (actually 6 because it was both moms and dads), the responses to the question “What change was least expected after your baby was born? ” were similar. The parents involved in the discussion are between the ages of 20-25; they all said the least expected change they were looking forward to experiencing was the difference in their spending habits. They thought with now having a child, their spending habits would remain the same or nearly the same but that certainly was not the case.

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Guidelines for Effective Communication in Families
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With all the expenses for diapers, baby food, and other baby items, along with medical expenses, they certainly needed to change their spending habits. The next question I asked them was “How did communication with your partner and/or others change after the baby was born? ” In our discussion, I was told that communication has become better between them since the baby came because they now realize how important it will be to be a big part of their child’s childhood.

They said their communication with others could be better but they are concentrating on the needs of their child but still spend a little time with family and friends. The final question was “How did having a child affect your marriage or relationship at the time your baby arrived? ” The subject most referenced was the need of spending quality time together now that the baby is born. Most felt that they spend more time taking care of the baby as opposed to spending time alone with each other. They expressed their need to “get a break” every now and then just to relax.

The gathered facts from parents compared with Chapter 12’s discussion of the impact of children on committed relationships is that I feel it is very essential for relationships to be solid and communication with each other is essential to guarantee the child or children will have a stable childhood. The relationship behaviors discussed by the mothers and fathers go along with the Guidelines for Effective Communication in Families since they are all familiar with how necessary it is to provide good communication within a family so that you can teach excellent morals growing up in the world today Although communication may sound simple , it can in fact be challenging to make certain you are perfectly understood and that you accurately understand the other person’s words . Many families run into communication barriers and sometimes these barriers keep messages from being properly relayed and received. Instead of accomplishing a purpose, conversations can get destroyed by anger and other damaging feelings. (Wood) REFERENCES Wood, Julia T. Interpersonal Communication Everyday Encounters “Communities in Families” Chapter 12, Pages 298-325

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