Gun control Essay

Gun control has become one of the hottest issues in America. There are many views and facts, which support the idea that stricter gun laws will not solve Americas recent outbreak of school shootings. Not only, will stricter weapon laws not protect us they are unconstitutional. The second amendment gives the American people the right to bare arms. Without the rights of the second amendment, we have no way of protecting ourselves from our own government. Support for gun control has increased since the shootings in Columbine and Georgia.

People seem to think less weaponry means less crime, which, has not been the case in other countries with the same belief. Gun control measures will not protect the law-abiding citizens of America. Criminals will always have the ability to gain possession of weapons. The United States does not have the assets to provide enough law enforcers to protect the people of this country from the criminal element. After all that is why we call them criminals.

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