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Is gun control a social issue

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Gun Control Are you tired of not being able to go to the store and fear that maybe Just one day something terrible might happen? I believe that we should not have the right to own guns. The government should not give citizens the right to obtain firearms not only so we can decrease the crime rates but to make sure the people feel safe. The only way to guarantee safety Is to knock firearms out of our population as much as possible.

First of all, there are more illegal guns being sold every day by citizens and Iranians.

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Is gun control a social issue
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This is obviously a major problem. According to the habitualness’s. Com/ control. Asp, “Although federal fire-arm laws apply to both If’s and private sellers at gun shows, private sellers unlike If’s, are under no illegal obligation to ask purchasers legal status through background checks”. This means that besides the police and the If’s, criminals and citizens are selling illegal weapons to avoid a background check.

These people are also finding ways to get around the system.

This s important because the more guns that citizens and criminals have, the move crime. In sum, they have gun-free zones for example, Arizona. If other states have made It Illegal to buy guns, why have we not? Secondly, Just because you own a gun and you do not have a criminal record and/or background, does not mean that you are not going to commit a crime. According outcasts. Com. ; Based upon surveys,the following are estimates of private firearms in 2010 there are seventy to eighty million people.

This means there are seventy to eighty million people privately owning firearms, but how are we sure that the eighty million people who are secretly owning these guns are not the ones who are actually committing the crimes. This is important because everything will get worse if we are able to obtain fire-arms. In some countries they have strict rules about guns. But if you take a look at the crime records in those countries and states that they have a gun free policy, the crime rates go up. This will be something that the government would have to watch.

Finally, self-defense many people think that they need a firearm in their household to feel safe, but the outcome may not always be positive. According to Justas. Com, “Roughly 16,272 murders were committed In the united states during 2008 of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with fire-arms”. This meaning that if you take the 67% or the 10,886, and just think about how many “innocent ” people shot and killed the criminal that entered their home on “accident”? This is extremely important because if this continues no one will feel safe. Sum difference if you look at the citizens point of view the main thing is that they want to feel protected and want to feel safe. I do not believe that us citizens should be able to obtain firearms, with us and/or at home. I think this because of how many more illegal weapons will be traded, how many people will abuse their right and “self defense. ” This Is important because that is like handing a criminal a gun, the outcome could be a big problem.

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