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Habits of the Mind

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The five qualities described in the readings that I am least proficient would be managing impulsivity, persisting, striving for accuracy, patience, and attentiveness. In terms of managing impulsivity (Arta Costa), I always tend to jump straight into an argument or judgment without taking all the time that is truly necessary to make sure the argument is a valid one that can be completely and factually backed up by evidence. Persisting (Arta Costa) is a quality I really need to work on aswell because I tend to write part of an essay or paper and lose my train of thought or focus and simply get stuck.

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This causes writing to take much longer than it should for me and I need to work on my ability to sit down and write something from start to completion. Striving for accuracy (Arta Costa) is an area that I need to work on because sometimes in timed situations or otherwise I tend to write names of characters or plot elements that I believe to be true and correct but that turn out to be slightly wrong or modified versions of the truth.

I need to take the time to go back and double check my facts.

The skill of patience (Carol Jago) is something I have always struggled with. I tend to judge a book and determine my like or dislike within the first hundred pages of the novel without waiting to see whether it has anything more to offer. I need to learn to hold off on judgment and wait till I am finished to measure a literary work. Lastly an area I need to work on is attentiveness (Carol Jago). I tend to begin glossing over a text when my attention has waned and I need to learn to be able to focus more and really do more active reading.

The five qualities I am most proficient with would be thinking flexibly, applying past knowledge to new situations, finding humor, fearlessness and banking. Firstly, I am quite proficient at thinking flexibly (Arta Costa). Once I have an opinion it is not set in stone but I allow the views of others and input of teachers to shape the opinion while maybe not completely changing it. In terms of applying past knowledge to new situations (Arta Costa) I am pretty decent at using information gathered in one place and applying it in a second area, be it between texts or even between classes.

Finding humor (Arta Costa) is a quality that I think I am quite good at. I try not to be very serious when reading and it helps me not lose focus. Fearlessness is another quality I think I’m proficient with because I never judge anything before I do it, so I am open to reading new works and am willing to plunge into the text and allow it to surprise me. Lastly, banking (Writing Analytically) is something I do fairly well, that is, when presented with information I can regurgitate it in some form quite well.

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