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Hacking into the mind of the Hacker

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Hacking into the mind of the Hacker

            Computer hackers regardless of what ever may say are technology happy thefts who are thrilled by their success in breaking into others private data accounts.

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Hacking into the mind of the Hacker
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            Generally, hackers do their thing for fun at first. Monte Enbysk (2003) stated that most hackers started out for fun but finished their job stealing other people’s money after breaking in (Enbysk). These people are thrilled by the thought that they can break in even the most secured technology by exploiting even the slightest opportunity every time they are setting in their computer.

Hackers not simply malicious people out to destroy computer systems and pass words, they are bad people.

            Steven Raymond identified hackers as a community of expert programmers and computer system wizards. They coined the term hacker and established computer networking or the internet. Thus, originally, hackers are not bad guys. However, today, hackers do not have the same mind set. Theirs is to break in to others account for monetary gain.

Gsbharaj on the other hand contend there is so called ethical hacking who evaluates malicious hackers to avoid threat caused by them (Gsbharaj). They hack into the mind of bad hackers to find solution to bad hackers’ threat.

            Malicious hackers therefore are serious threat to society in their persistent efforts to breaking into computer systems. Dorothy E. Denning however, cited that it could be possible to work with hackers (Denning). However, I would say that it is with the ethical hackers that society can work with not the malicious hackers. Peter T. Leeson and Christpher J. Coyne, in their abstract classified computer hackers, as profit-driven and fame driven. They recognized that the society is indeed in great trouble against the malicious computer hackers (Leeson & Coyne) as the world is getting computer-based which is vulnerable to malicious hackers.

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