Greek Mythology and Religion Mythology

Greek Mythology and Religion Mythology is the study and explanation of myth of a particular culture.

Myth, is a cultural phenomenon that can have many different point of views. Mythology and religion in the past still influence today. It is difficult to imagine that ancient myth and history has had a tremendous impact not only in todays culture but also in lifestyle and religious beliefs. To some extend, people rather believe that there is no consequence in your sins in the afterlife.

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Mythic stories, for example, show how the world began, how humans and animals were created, and how certain manners, and specific human activities originated. Ancient Greek religion has been the main stream of investigation and research from classic times to the modern day. In Greek mythology, Hades, also known as Pluto, is the god and ruler of the underworld, which is the kingdom of the dead. He is an egotistic god, who is greatly concerned with expanding his society.

Often Hades is severely cautious and selective on permitting any of his people to leave.Its unquestionable that even the commander of the underworld had fallen in love with Persephone. Although the relationship between Hades and Persephone appears to have established badly, their union was peaceful. For most, life in the underworld was not enjoyable.

Its more like a tormented and miserable dream, full of shadows, without sunlight or hope, a joyless place where the dead slowly fade into nonexistence. Its a realm not only for the sinners but also for the saints. When we speak of demons we immediatelymagine of a red evil spirit with an extended pointy tail.But many of us ask ourselves, Demons Where and how did demons come about The word demon is derived from the Greek daimon, which in ancient times signified various kinds of spirits or semi-gods, which particularly werent evil.

The term demons was not always understood to have the absolutely negative indication that it does today. Our current use of the term Demon is a malignant spirit, which usually from the New Testament. However there is still great indecision as to whether or not demons are considered to be distinct and separate from the devil and his fallen angels.It is mentioned in the New Testament, chapter 5, verse 12, by Josepheus a method of exorcism which is prescribed by Solomon.

Prevailed or succeeded greatly among them down to the present time. There is little doubt that most of what was described in older times as demon possession would today be known as some sort of mental illness. Nevertheless, a few cases of possessions occur from time to time, and in which the Roman Catholic Church does continue to perform exorcisms. There are many parallels between demon and Hades.

Mainly, they are both recognized as forms of Satanism.They both encourage the belief in evil spirits, which has spread within numerous cultures across the world. Despite the difference of eras, Satanism of today is basically a study of investigations. They become for us, a spirit to which, we pay and worship.

It becomes a malignant and negative spirit that haunts us and develops into our shadow. Theyre both greedy characters that wish harm to others and are concerned with increasing their society. The main situation of Satanism is that it is purely egotistical and selfish.By this investigation I can definitely say that myths and history do have an impact in religion and believes in todays world.

Almost all cultures endure or at one time preserved and lived in a mythic environment. Death is dealt differently by people of different cultures, but others of the past and present in some way influenced these customs. It is possible to study the ancient artifact further and search for resemblance, but the outcome can never be accurate. Nevertheless we continue to study and gain knowledge of what our ancestors believed in, and well continue to educate our children and carry on through with the legends.

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