Harley Davidson essay

Ans - Harley Davidson essay introduction. 1à a)The best catching aspect of the design of Harley-Davidson website is the artistically developed home page which totally speaks about the experience the Harley owners will gain rather than speaking about the motorcycle benefits and their respective picture models. The homepage doesn’t display the picture of a motorcycle that prominently then the display of a wide mountainous landscape which is having lush greenery on either side of the mountain and definitely with a two way highway which is seen blowing with the wind which has been evenly surfaced having sharp bright double yellow lines divided the huge road and showing a glimpse of the company’s logo superimposed just below this natural design that has been portrayed alongside of this homepage. All this adds on saying “It’s all about the Experience. There’s a Great road…waiting for you to ride.”

While finally on a smaller bird’s eye view shows the picture of a motorcycle indicating yes, we do make motorcycles for all those having a style and passion of riding that will create a lasting impression on the total experience. Thus it doesn’t have to sell the product online but it surely sells a lifestyle.

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b) Harley Davidson builds a strong relationship with its dealer network and the customers through the model of e-commerce by engaging a one to one interaction that evolves across their web page promotions. It also promotes E-dealer program for its dealers and correspondingly the customers gain the ease of marketing online. It thus shows the fine tuning focus incorporated in its marketing strategy and finally the concept adopted by Harley-Davidson will generate a paradigm shift from E-commerce to V-commerce (Morris, J. 2002).

c) This e-commerce online business helps in attracting the customers who have been never involved with the dealerships and will also benefit from the various addresses they receive which can be used for promotional efforts. Even if there is no much authenticated proof whether the success is due to their web based program but definitely it is accounted for 1 million visitors logging on the website and around 19 million views on their web pages (Morris, J. 2002).

Ans.2à a) The e-commerce model has helped the company to make inroads in its success and providing the best motorcycle shopping for people as well as for the dealers who are considered to be creating a Harley image by stressing upon their individuality and their independence as they are considered as separate businesses. Moreover the customers feel happy trading online because the website contains FAQs which help in the online shopping program. The customer also has an option if he wants the product to be shipped to him or purchase from the dealers and also can opt for which dealer he wants the purchase from to be done (Morris, J. 2002).

b) Internet has definitely been able to promote the processes and functioning of Harley-Davidson especially because of its system of e-procurement that has been adopted. This system is called as an internet based supply chain management known as the supply information link which helps the suppliers and customers in carrying out their transactions in an electronic mode where by suppliers have an edge in knowing about the demand that exists for the product so as to keep provision for their deadlines to me met. This system involves greater interaction between the company and the suppliers which enhances the flow of data movement which in turn builds word of mouth (PriceWaterHouseCoopers, 2008).

c) Harley owners also has the benefit of being associated and being a part of the 105th anniversary of the company where in they can purchase tickets via their website and the event program along with this they are also buying Ad space on national TV cable, Google, espn as well as on the male target audience especially in their preferred magazines.

Conclusion: The website design of the company has been so much focused that the designed as explained above on their homepage would have not gained importance as they have not fully targeted the motorcycle but the whole experience of riding which other competitors webpage wont provide with. This is the uniqueness Harley-Davidson owners have.


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