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Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad 

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  • Pages 5
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    Bayly, Alexander H. Three Hundred Dollars Reward, 10-19, 1857

    Bayly was a slave owner in the 1850’s. The purpose of the poster was for people to look for his runaway slave. He was offering three hundred dollars for his missing slave Lizzie. Lizzie ran off with her husband Nat Amby owned by John Muir. John was offering five hundred dollars in return for Nat. This poster is useful for evidence because it came straight from 1857. It will help you see what the posters looked like for the runaways and how the owners described their slaves. – primary

    Bial, Raymond. The Underground Railroad.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , 1999

    Raymond Bial is a photo essayist for children. When I looked up Bial, one of the first things that came up was, “Four of his books were chosen as Notable Books in the Field of Social Studies by the NCSS.” When I read this, I knew that the book would be good because his other books were so successful. The book includes photos, examples of “station” on the Railroad, pictures of routes slaves took, and the lives of the slaves and conductors. Pictures helped me get a better idea of what was going on because it is easier to understand something visual. Raymond also included a contents, so it is easier to understand the book. This information is reliable and relevant to my topic because it shows trade routes Harriet and slaves took. – secondary

    Bradford, Sarah H. Scenes In The Life of Harriet Tubman. W.J. Moses, 1869.

    This book, by Sarah H. Bradford, gives an overview of Harriet Tubman’s life. Sarah was one of the first caucastians to deal with african-american topics. Sarah proves that Harriet Tubman should be supported. This book includes letters written to Harriet during this time. The book is not separated by chapters, however it is easy to read. Bradford wrote the book using extensive interviews with Tubman. This was to raise funds for Tubman’s support. These interviews are an example of primary sources because Bradford was with her. This book also has a 3.9 rating and has many good reviews. This book will help me with my bibliography because it helps me understand the story of Harriet Tubman and all the events that happened afterward. – primary

    Clinton, Catherine. Harriet Tubman: The Road To Freedom. Little, Brown, 2004

    Catherine Clinton is the Denman Professor of American History at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She specializes in American History, with an emphasis on the history of the South, the American Civil War, American women, and African American history. Catherine writes this book to “bring Harriet Tubman to life as one of the most important enduring figures in American History.” This book contains a table of contents, so you can find each chapter easier. The book would be very useful because Clinton states so many relevant facts about Tubman’s life. – secondary

    Gara, Larry., Stevenson, Brenda E., and Ripley, C. Peter. Underground Railroad. Washington, D.C. : Dept. of the Interior, 1998

    This book is written by three authors and is made up of several chapters. The author I will focus on is C. Peter Ripley. He explains how “Harriet Tubman is an icon of the Underground Railroad.” For this book, I would skip to page forty seven to learn more about Harriet Tubman. I would use this chapter to contribute to my bibliography because it gives great facts that are useful. The chapter shows me routes and images, so the information is easier to understand. This book is also well put together and includes an index on page eighty six. – secondary

    Haviland, Laura S. A woman’s life work: including thirty years’ service on the underground railroad and in the war. Grand Rapids: Mich. : S. B. Shaw, 1881

    This book is written by Laura S. Haviland. Laura had thirty years on the underground railroad. She wrote the book to tell everyone about all the things families experienced as well as herself. This book has primary sources because Laura lived through this moment in time. This book has a contents page to tell you everything included in the book. The book contains stories of families in the underground railroad, rather than specifically Harriet Tubman. Even though Harriet did get mentioned in the stories, the book did not give me enough to create a bibliography about Harriet. For this reason, I would not use this book for this specific paper, but it could still be relevant to my topic. -primary

    Petry, Ann. Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad. Open Roads Media, 2015

    Ann Petry is an american writer of novels, short stories, children’s books, and journalism. Ann wrote this book to show the reader that slavery was a horrible thing. She also is trying to depict slave life and encourage people to have values that Tubman expressed in her life. The book is divided into chapters about Tubman’s life. Perty’s book was named a New York Times Outstanding Book. The book was also selected as an American Library Association Notable Book. When a book has this good of a reputation, you can trust the author that the information is reliable and relevant. I will use this book for other assignments in the future pertaining to Harriet Tubman. – secondary

    Still, William. The Underground Railroad. A record of facts, authentic narratives, letters &c., Philadelphia, Pa., Cincinnati, Ohio: People’s Publishing Company, 1879.

    This book is written by William Still. William was an African-American abolitionist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a conductor on the Underground Railroad and a writer. Still wrote this book to explain all of the events in the past. It contains topics about the Underground Railroad, fugitive slaves, and antislavery movement. I would only focus on the first topic for my bibliography. This book is also separated into chapters, so it is easier to read. This book will give me a lot of information on the Underground Railroad, but I would like the source to be more about Harriet Tubman. – primary

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