Has Scholarship Been Reconsidered - Scholarship Essay Example

Has Scholarship Been Reconsidered

            The article discusses what seems to be an important issue with regards to the field of teaching - Has Scholarship Been Reconsidered introduction. A professor or a teacher’s career and tenure depends on his or her researches because of the scholarship grants . This makes them concentrate more on such researches instead of what they should be actually doing, which is teaching. “Boyer’s argument that the professoriate should pay more attention to teaching and learning and that the definition of scholarship should be broadened so that it goes beyond traditional publication of research findings and analysis came at a time when academic institutions were seeking more productivity and accountability from the faculty” (Altbach, 1998, p.85).


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            While professors should think about where their careers are headed, it is also important to focus on their teaching strategies and the influence they make on the students. Scholarship is not the only thing that matters in their careers, which is why it is just right that policies were “broadened” by academic institutions. If professors spend too much time working on their researches, the quality of their teaching might suffer. There are numerous students out there who graduate from college without knowing even how to write their own resumes. Clearly, this writing one’s own resume is not the issue at hand, but the unpreparedness of these so-called graduates.

            Broadening the requirements for the tenure of these professors would make them more experienced and would provide them with more knowledge because they would not be limited to researches only. Additionally, students would have better resources, be academically better, and graduate with the right skills needed to enter the corporate world.


Altbach, P. (1998). Comparative Higher Education: Knowledge, the University, and        Development. Connecticut: Ablex Publishing Corporation.

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