Have chosen in my business plan to do a cricket shop

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I have chosen in my business plan to do a cricket shop. The main reasons for this type of business within the school Is because it offers a range of cricket equipment from bats to batting gloves to offer to people inside and outside of school. There will be a lot of competition from different sports and cricket clubs in around the Watford and Rickmansworth area. Sports clubs which offer cricket based equipment are shops such as: Real sports shop, morrants cricket shop e.t.c there will be a lot of customers who are interested high quality and basic equipment.

There are a lot of cricket clubs nearby such as: Watford town, Chorleywood, West Herts and Rickmansworth and are outdoor cricket clubs have been established in playing men’s cricket leagues for a long time. This cricket shop will be held all year round as in the winter before the cricket season many of the customers will want to have new equipment and kit before the cricket season as many people will come around to the nets as this is the peak time. A lot of nearby cricketers or beginners will be extremely interested as the equipment is at high quality.

Costing/Supplier Research

The main costs which the cricket shop will have to meet that I have researched are that hiring a classroom for 3 hours every Wednesday after school will be �37.30 from 5:30 to 8:30.

I have arrived at my selling price by using many different cricket shop web sites and catalogs to choose the appropriate price. I used a questionnaire as such to help me find out what prices the customers prefer and want. I will need a fair amount of money around �1000 to start up. The supplies will come from various external sources from outside the u.k and inside. It will be purchased from Morrants cricket shop and AS Sports from Pakistan. The suppliers are suitable because they offer various different items from bats to clothing e.t.c.

The costs depends on every item and therefore we will purchase the supplies from Morrants at a high normal price and AS Sports cheaper because the exchange rate is much cheaper therefore profit is made that way. The main problem of AS Sports is that it does not offer suitable items to the market segment because in the school we are aiming at young people which need to have smaller sizes in many cases. Hence Morrants offers a great range of sizes to juniors in many items.

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