Having a Part-Time Job for College Students Essay

Yan Shumin M00084373 Section 3 March 9, 2013 Victor Chang Having a Part-time Job for College students Nowadays more and more College students are going outside and looking for part-time jobs - Having a Part-Time Job for College Students Essay introduction. A part-time job is a kind of employment that carries fewer hours than a full-time job. Having a part-time job is a good choice for College students. Three of the biggest reasons are making them more competitive after graduation, reducing family financial burdens and broadening their outlook.

One reason for having a part-time job for College students is making them more competitively after graduation. Having a part-time job is a good way to accumulate working experience and social experience. You will know how to work and how to get along with your workmates and boss. It makes you completely different from others who never worked outside so that you can get a job easier. Last year, I went to a job fair of my father’s company in Dalian Neusoft University of information. I sat behind the table and observed the behavior of candidates.

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Having a Part-Time Job for College Students
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At that time, I saw a great many kinds of fresh graduates. I found that people who have working experience could understand our requirements clearly. They knew how to show their strengths and defeat their competitors. Meanwhile, people who never worked outside were uncompetitive. They could not provide meaningful information to us. They tried hard to show themselves, but actually they did not know how to do it. Secondly, reason for college students to have a part-time job is reducing family financial burdens.

Not every Chinese family has ability to afford a college student. For some rural families, affording a college student is a heavy burden. As an adult, it is irresponsible for themselves if they only spend money but not earn money. Actually, our parents do not owe us anything. We are fully capable of bearing a part of family burdens. One of my best friends, who is learning in University of Chicago has a part-time job now. He is good at playing the piano and he got a part-time job as a piano tutor in a local family.

He works three times a week and he can pay one third of his tuition fee by himself now. The final reason for college students to have a part-time job is broadening their outlook. If you just stay in school and study day by day and never go out, you will be short-sightedness. People will not glad to deal with shortsighted man. The more you see the world, the deeper you realize it. A wise ancient Chinese said: reading thousands of books is not equal to travelling thousands of miles. It showed that it is important to broaden our outlook.

During our part-time job, we not only can learn how to communicate with different types of people, in instance, being someone like a successful CEO called Leo Chen who worked plenty of part-time jobs to accumulate experiences about how to talk to series of people, but also can find out what the people you face really need, for example, a unique person in our technical world influences us a lot called Steven Jobs create an electronic times. In conclusion, having a part-time job is really a good choice for our college students.

It can make us more competitive, reduce family financial burdens and broaden our outlook. However, we cannot spend too much time on it, because we are students and studying is our duty. Furthermore, there is a saying that everyone knows: everything has its two effects. We cannot change the disadvantages of part-time job; on the other hand, we can try our best to develop the advantages of part-time job so that we have the capability to learn more things instead of study. Those are all my reasons why I think part-time job is very adaptive for college students.

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