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How does this Website enhance UPS’s competitive positions? - Hazel Case Study Essay introduction?? UPS make use of technology which provides customers with all the information required to assist them with tracking or sending a letters or packages. This special feature of UPS allows their customers to be care free about their packages because they have the security that the package will arrive with no problems as they know where the package is. By having all these enhancements it increases sales and it keeps customers coming back and use this service with confidence again and again, thus increasing profits.

E-tailing can include business- to- business and business- to- consumer sales. We saw that UPS are well composed to help the multitude of new business- to – consumer online companies who came to rely on UPS for shipping. The website with its highly effective method it allows the clients to learn the shipping costs almost instantly without the need of calling for assistance or visiting a UPS location. UPS make available information within UPS site for faster and efficient response to customer’s questions which helps the company needless employees by having more resources available on the website.

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Each employee when picking up or delivering a package have a GPS system that allows UPS locate each of their drivers, conditions of the road and conditions of the truck as well. Not only does GPS help UPS learn what the status of their employee is, but it also helps to track if the employee has redelivered packages to their destination. Thus putting UPS on top of other parcel service delivery companies. This changes the way that they conduct business by offering a better and more secure service to their customers.

The strength of this website it that in the international market everyone in the world has access to it and it is translated in many different languages and it gives customers many options and facilities. E-logistics service also are very important for the UPS as it is a dynamic set communication computing and collaborative technologies that transform key logistical processes to be customer centric by sharing data, knowledge and information with supply chain partners. The ultimate objective of E-logistics is to deliver right products in right quantities at right place and right time to right customer.

Coming a bit on the processes of E-logistics we have possible payment methods and they are at the time of order we have e- payment (e. g. Paypal), credit card and at the time of delivery we have the COD payments and lastly for electronic payments we have a system of verification of payment is needed for shipping. Business communication services became another new UPS offering. UPS has significant call center expertise and infrastructure to handle the call volume generated by more than 13 million package deliveries daily.

Now that more of their tracking requests come in through their website rather than by phone, they have excess call center capacity. They are now offering call centre services to their customers, and integrating the call centre services with their customers’ business infrastructure. The website relates to their business strategy by giving an easier access to their customers through the Website by offering them a user-friendly easy to use Web page. Several of the new and existing UPS services can now be combined. Technology is the backbone of everything we do at UPS. It is at the heart of customer access to the company.

UPS. com processes over 18 million package tracking transactions daily. A growing number of those tracking requests now come from customers in countries that have wireless access to UPS tracking information. Package tracking, pickup requests, rate quotes, account opening, wireless registration, drop-off locator, transit times and supply ordering services are all available at customers’ desktops or laptops. The site also displays full domestic and international service information and allows customers to process outbound shipments as well as return labels for their customers.

Businesses in a number of countries also can download UPS online Tools SM to their own websites for direct use by their customers. This allows users to access the information they need without leaving our customers’ websites. In 2007, we integrated all freight products, including international air freight forwarding shipments, into our small package visibility systems. Now a shipper can view the status of package and freight shipments from a single web page. Several of the new and existing UPS services can now be combined.

With the new subsidiaries, UPS now has the potential to lease call center capacity to a customer, handle the logistics and related information exchange for all transactions, and then provide fulfillment and shipping to the customer’s customers. UPS is already doing this, and an example of one of their customers is Nike. com. All of Nike. com’s back-end systems are provided and managed by UPS, along with order handling at a UPS worldwide logistics center, and then on to UPS fulfillment, and some of the shipping as well (depending on the destination).

Through creative deployment of its core competencies, UPS has taken on greater pieces of the value web in B2B e-commerce. Our goal is to provide our customers with easy-to-use products and services. We seek to streamline their shipment processing and integrate critical transportation information into their own business processes, helping them create supply chain efficiencies, better serve their customers and improve their cash flows. These products and services support LTL and air freight shipments, as well as small package transportation.

UPS offers a variety of technology solutions for automated shipping, visibility and billing. We believe we have the most comprehensive suite of such services in the industry. Additional products that provide enhanced shipping, visibility, billing and returns services are available to customers who require customized package solutions. Since UPS’s bottom line is to deliver packages worldwide each of these Business Solutions capabilities contribute to the main goal by offering their customers vast variety of options for shipping their businesses packages more easily.

It also has different kinds of deliveries like Domestic, International, or Global, etc. All of these capabilities could save money, time and increase profits by making everything easier. You can process shipping online and just schedule a pick-up time instead of going all the way to the UPS office and waste your time waiting in lines or waste your money in transportation and labor. These capabilities could also increase your profits by offering your customers better service.

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